NEW YORK – Council Member Rory I. Lancman, Chair of the Committee on the Justice System, issued the following statement in response to the Lippman Commission’s One-Year Progress Report on Closing Rikers Island:

“This report confirms that Rikers Island can be shut down in less than ten years — but only if the de Blasio administration commits to vastly expanding supervised release, improving the mechanics of paying bail (including completing the much delayed online bail payment system), and investing in the criminal justice reforms proposed by both our public defenders and district attorneys.

“As the report spells out, too many people are needlessly run through our Court System, predominantly brown and black New Yorkers; too many people are stuck on Rikers, solely because they are too poor to pay bail or cannot pay bail in a timely manner; and too many people are left waiting to have their day in Court.

“Our justice system is long on inequities and inefficiencies, and short on actual justice for New Yorkers. Rikers Island represents all that is broken with our justice system. This moment calls for bold action from the Mayor and City government.”