NEW YORK – At yesterday’s Committee on the Justice System hearing, the Bronx and Staten Island DAs announced plans to enhance their criminal discovery procedures. The Staten Island DA’s office has finalized its Early Action Discovery policy for felony cases, in which prosecutors will provide evidence, including police reports, witness statements, and search warrants, without first requiring a request, and within 21 days of Supreme Court arraignment. The Bronx DA’s office announced that it is drafting a policy that will contain considerations for misdemeanor cases, and that it is in the beginning stage of providing discovery pre-indictment.  

Council Member Rory I. Lancman, chair of the Committee on the Justice System, issued the following statement in response:

“I commend Bronx District Attorney Clark and Staten Island District Attorney McMahon for taking these steps to enhance criminal discovery procedures in their respective boroughs. As the Committee highlighted at yesterday’s hearing, a criminal discovery process that is open and transparent will lead to a fairer and more efficient justice system.”