Let’s honor George Floyd by first remembering his life. Let’s honor his family, and remember the incredible strength and passion for justice they’ve shown by speaking out for justice. Let’s send a special prayer to his children, especially his youngest daughter, Gianna Floyd. As we fight for universal justice, we should not neglect the fact that there is a family coping with profound loss. And they are not the only family who has confronted such a tragedy.

The story of George Floyd is not over. Though his breath was crushed under injustice, his spirit rose, so did the spirit of the country. He inspired tens of millions of Americans and people all over the world to march to fight for justice. He inspired Black Lives Matter murals across the country, and I am proud I was able to work to build the first BLM mural New York City—a 565 foot long message here in Bed-Stuy.

We had a small step towards justice with the conviction of his murderer. The challenge now is to remember that his story is not over. We must maintain the fierce urgency of now on the first anniversary of his murder, and on the 5th, and on the 25th.

Black Lives Matter intersects with a struggle for justice that builds upon the legacy of countless women and men demanding the full civil and human rights we deserve. As we take forward laws and policies that hold police accountable, that uphold our rights, and that help realize the more equitable communities we deserve.

In the wake of unimaginable loss, burying a husband, burying a son, burying a father, George Floyd’s family, they stand up for change. They stand up for the value of our lives. They stand up for justice. They continue to do this work for justice and for reform through the grief and through the pain of profound personal loss. It is up to us to join them. Help uplift George Floyd’s life and legacy. Uplift the message that #BlackLivesMatter. By doing so, we uplift all our communities.