Warm Greetings!

December is finally upon us, marking the beginning of the winter season.

The cold months are a great time to relax and celebrate with loved ones, reflecting on the year that has passed, and planning for the future.

It is remarkable that we are at the end of the decade. I am looking forward to doing big things in 2020, and it is my wish that you start the decade on good footing as well.

From my family and team, to you and yours, I wish you a very merry and warm holiday season, full of blessings and good tidings!

Here is what #TeamCornegy was up to in November 2019:

November 1: The African American Clergy and Elected Officials Organization was founded in 1989 by prominent leaders of the community, including Rev. Dr. Gardner C. Taylor, Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry, the Honorable Albert Vann, and the Honorable Annette Robinson. The work of the AACEO empowers the residents of Brooklyn through advocacy and action, and Council Member Cornegy was proud to join in the November 1st Breakfast Conference celebrating 30 years of service and working together.

November 2: Veteran’s Day is a momentous occasion to honor our heroes, and celebrate their bravery, commitment, and achievement. Our nation’s veterans deserve our profound gratitude, respect, and appreciation. It is especially important to highlight the service of service members of color, who though discriminated against and segregated from the mainstream, stepped up to serve through our history, since the inception of our nation.

Our office was proud to be represented by Jessica Grandberry, US Army Veteran, and valued member of #TeamCornegy. Thank you for your service, Jessica!

November 4: Council Member Cornegy joined colleagues and community members to mark to groundbreaking ceremony for the expansion of Ezra Medical Center, located in Borough Park. It was a great day for the community, as renewed investment strengthens the local economy and clients get the most up-to-date healthcare experience. Ezra Medical continues to improve quality of life, and create a stronger, healthier Brooklyn.

November 7: District 36 Principals’ Breakfast: Education has been a key policy focus for Council Member Cornegy since joining City Council, which has been made clear through his advocacy for more gifted and talented programs, advanced education programming, enrichment opportunities, and more funding for education all around. On November 7th, the Office organized a Principal’s Breakfast in an effort to create connections among the schools in our district to learn about best practices and funding and programming opportunities.

It was great to have so many principals, educators, coordinators, and more come together! The team is feeling inspired and looking forward to continuing the work of enhancing our schools.

November 8: Council Member Cornegy had the pleasure of working with Mayor de Blasio on big MWBE initiatives in Puerto Rico along with Assemblywoman Rodneyse Bichotte and Council Member Farah Louis during the SOMOS Conference. Mayor de Blasio announced an increased target for awards for MWBEs to $25 Billion by 2025, which is up from $20 billion and $16 billion.

November 9: November’s Monthly Advisory Board Meeting was focused on Mental Health Wellness, and the Holiday Blues. The holiday season can be tough on some of our friends and neighbors, and this event provided a safe space to learn more about depression, wellness, and community support and resources. Our office created a Medical and Mental Health Provider Directory for the Council District that you can view here.

November 11: It is one thing to tell our youth that they can soar, but it’s another thing to actually give them the opportunity to fly! Council Member Cornegy was glad to be able to speak to some young people participating in the Aviation 4 Us program, and is committed to ensuring the health of the program.

November 12: One of the best ways to determine the health of a community is to look at the condition of its youth and its seniors. Elected leaders must protect our students, provide young people with opportunity, and promote academic success to make sure Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, and our families and loved ones are thriving. Council Member Cornegy joined Brooklyn Community Board 3’s Education Legislative Breakfast to discuss his legislative achievements and outline his vision for the future.

Our office is working hard on bringing new programming to schools, including some really interesting stuff at the intersection of arts and technology. We invite you to partner with us in the work of improving schools and futures, and enhancing our communities.

November 13: On November 13, City Council held a joint oversight hearing on the enforcement of the City’s lead laws. With 3,000 to 4,000 children still being poisoned by lead a year in New York City, 15 years after the passage of Local Law 1 of 2004, it is clear that the City must use every tool at its disposal to remediate and abate lead from residential spaces.

November 13: Bed-Stuy and Northern Crown Heights are rich with art and culture, and contribute to Brooklyn’s worldwide appeal. Council Member Cornegy had an amazing time out at the Brooklyn Museum for the private listening party and art exhibit of Yasiin Bey, also known as Mos Def. He also had a chance to meet the artist JR, and personally thank him for the amazing work he’s doing with the Inside Out Project.

November 19: Organizations like GRIOT Circle tap into the resilience of the community, and create a safe space for people to embrace their humanity and connections to one another. Council Member Cornegy was proud to join GRIOT for their annual Thanksgiving dinner, and to deliver a message of hope and strength.

November 20: In some parts of Brooklyn, 1 in 5 students are experiencing homelessness and/or food insecurity. It is important to remember that year round, with a special emphasis on the holiday season which is upon us. Council Member Cornegy joined Community Education Council 14 to ensure 30 less families would suffer this indignity this holiday season with the healthy food baskets. Thank you for your service to the community, CEC 14!

November 22: On Friday, November 22, New York City Council Member Robert E. Cornegy, Jr., in partnership with Lyft, distributed 750 free turkeys to residents of Bedford Stuyvesant and Northern Crown Heights. This event was made possible by partnership with Lyft, Slate Property Group, Shelter Rock Builders LLC, Kasirer, Super Foodtown of Bedford Stuyvesant, Restoration Plaza, and Bridge Street Development Corporation.

“Thanksgiving is an opportunity to come together with friends, family, and community to share gratitude and a rich meal,” said Council Member Council Member Cornegy. “My team and I are proud to ensure that residents in our district have the traditional centerpiece of the Thanksgiving meal. The folks in my district have given me so much, and supported me through these last six years. I am grateful to have the privilege to give back, in part due to the generosity of Lyft and members of the community that donated turkeys.”

November 26: On November 26, Council held it’s regularly scheduled Stated Meeting, where Council presented the Bed-Stuy based “I Will Graduate” program a proclamation, passed Council Member’s Int. 1661-A, and Council Member Cornegy had a resolution introduced that will help enhance protections for homeowners in fraud cases.

“The Bedford Stuyvesant-based “I Will Graduate” youth development program helps enhance work to create a pipeline to academic and professional success. Communities like Bed-Stuy and Northern Crown Heights have experienced disinvestment, underinvestment, and unequal investment in our schools, and I have been committed to turning that tide, said Council Member Cornegy. “I would like to commend Executive Director and Co-Founder, Tonya Lewis, and Forever Loved Entertainment Inc. for their commitment and dedication to empowering students, families, and the community.”

Council Member Cornegy’s passed bill, Int. 1661-A addresses ongoing concerns that the diverse construction workforce of our city is not adequately informed about site safety training requirements mandated by Local Law 196 of 2017. He delivered the following remarks at a press conference:

“New York City is the most diverse city on the face of the planet, and continues to be built by people from all over the world.

In our effort to enhance and bolster construction site safety, for both workers and the public, we should ensure that permit holders make information about site safety training requirement available, and that the information is available in each of the designated citywide languages, and any other languages required by the Department of Buildings.

As the construction boom continues, we must take every step to maximize safety.”

Council Member Cornegy also remarked on his introduced Resolution 1172:
“I want to call attention to a resolution I have being introduced today that calls on the Governor to sign a bill that will enhance protections for homeowners in deed theft and fraud, and mortgage scam cases.

The foreclosure crisis is not over for communities of color. It’s bad enough that big banks are foreclosing on homeowners of color, and that we have a city program, Third Party Transfer, that wants to take property for minimal arrears. Now we have unscrupulous actors trying to steal homes, and it’s a serious issue disproportionately impacting the great borough of Brooklyn, and communities of color.”

This resolution calls on Governor Andrew Cuomo to sign a bill on his desk that would enhance homeowner protections.


Council Member Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. in the News:

November 17: Interview with John Catsimatidis giving the update on Brooklyn, and his vision for small business, growth, and prosperity.

November 18: Levin, Cornegy Blast De Blasio’s Homeless Outreach Plan

“New Yorkers are not living on the street because they have not been reached out to – it is because there are not enough safe, hygienic, and low-barrier resources available to persuade people to come in. Low threshold interventions like safe havens and housing first policies have been found to be incredibly effective in getting people experiencing homelessness stably housed,” said Cornegy.

November 23: From the Streets with Bob Law, discussing Third Party Transfer Program, and deed theft, deed fraud, and mortgage scams which are disproportionately impacting communities of color in Brooklyn.

November 25: National Grid Agrees to End Gas Moratorium After Governor’s Ultimatum

“Council Member Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. said in a statement Monday, “This is a huge win for Brooklyn and the small businesses in my district that were not able to open because they could not get a natural gas hookup, and could not afford the tremendous capital costs associated with going electric.”

November 27: Woodhull Hospital Gets Therapeutic Housing to Serve Incarcerated Patients

“I commend the de Blasio administration for taking this important step toward making the criminal justice system more person-centered and sensitive toward individual’s mental health care needs,” said Council Member Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. (D-Bedford-Stuyvesant, Northern Crown Heights). “We must continue to tap in the wealth of resources and expertise offered in our communities, and I am pleased that Woodhull Hospital will be participating in this program. These enhancements in our criminal justice system move us toward a more just society where less people are jailed or imprisoned because of lack of access to mental health care.”