A Bed-Stuy based ceramics artist, living in Clinton Hill, displayed the decorations in her home, across the street from PS 11

BROOKLYN, NY– Council Member Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. released the following statement after reports of racially insensitive decorations displayed in a window across the street from an elementary school.

“Neighborhoods like Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, and Clinton Hill have been experiencing rapid growth, and welcoming new neighbors with open arms. Despite unsettling economic and social pressures caused by gentrification, legacy residents have been very kind, embodying the graciousness and warmth of our community,” said Council Member Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. (D-36, Brooklyn). “What we saw in the window across the street from PS 11, the depiction of brown children hanging from nooses, is something our community flat out does not and will not accept. We expect new residents to have more sense than this, and to be aware of the historical context that has formed the bonds and foundation of our neighborhoods.”

“While I appreciate the apology and acknowledgement of bad decision making, this instance should encourage new residents to be more aware of the impacts of their actions. Neighborhood change is something many New Yorkers have to contend with, and it is clear there is more progress to be made.”