BROOKLYN, NY – NYC Council Member Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. (D-36) released the following statement today in response to the federal government’s lack of action in addressing heat and hot water outages at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn:

“While the Metropolitan Detention Center is under the sole jurisdiction of the federal government, it is no less concerning to me as a local Brooklyn elected official to see human beings suffer with a lack of heat and hot water during the coldest days of winter. Even more concerning is the denial on the part of the Bureau of Prisons that these conditions exist and the lack of information they are providing to the public.

“No government of, by, and for the people should be unresponsive to requests for information from the people and the individuals elected to represent them. This is a miscarriage of justice and those of us in power will not stop demanding answers until we have received a full accounting of what has gone on at this jail and the problem has been resolved.”