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District 15

Ritchie J. Torres

Bedford Park, Fordham, Mount Hope, Bathgate, Belmont, East Tremont, West Farms, Van Nest, Allerton, Olinville

Winning Projects:

Public SafetyFunded
Security Cameras for District 15

Three security cameras installed around the district.

NYPD Discretion


Parks and RecreationFunded
Water Fountain Installation

Install water fountains in Bronx Park East.

North of Allerton Soccer Field


New Playground for P.S. 32

Playground should include a jungle gym, and other equipment for kids to play different games.

690 East 183 Street


Technology Upgrades for P.S. 96

Projector for auditorium, technology upgrades and cameras outside of the school.

2385 Olinville Avenue


Video/Audio Upgrades for Cafeteria- P.S. 205

Auditorium – cordless microphone, projector and speakers.

2475 Southern Boulevard


The following projects were not funded:

Safe Routes to School- P.S. 85

Enhancing pedestrian safety for the students who are going to and from school.

2400 Marion Avenue


Countdown Clocks for District 15

Bus arrival countdown clocks throughout the district.

DOT determined


Parks and Recreation
Bathgate Playground Improvements

Updated playground equipment.

Bathgate Playground


Auditorium Upgrades at M.S. 45

Audio and visual equipment for the auditorium.

2505 Lorillard Place