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District 15

Ritchie J. Torres

Bedford Park, Fordham, Mount Hope, Bathgate, Belmont, East Tremont, West Farms, Van Nest, Allerton, Olinville

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture & Community FacilitiesFunded
New York Public Libraries Technological Upgrades

Technological upgrades for the following libraries: Grand Concourse, Tremont, Bronx Library Center and Belmont Library


Local Libraries

Votes: 2,262

Laptops in Schools

Purchase 1 mobile laptop cart for local schools: I.S. 254, PS: 205, 54, 9, 96, 85, 32, M.S. 118 & St. Simon Stock Pre-K


Local Schools

Votes: 3,869

M.S. 118 Bathroom Renovations

Completely renovate the girl’s first floor bathroom; installing new floors, sinks, and stalls.


577 East 179th Street

Votes: 1,751

Smartboards in Schools

Install smartboards in local schools: I.S. 254, M.S. 118, St. Simon Stock Pre-K and P.S. 205, 54, 9, 96, 85, 32


Local Schools

Votes: 3,451

Safe Routes to School

Funding for the planned project of extending the sidewalk curb to enhance pedestrian safety by P.S. 159 and P.S. 51.


3rd Avenue between East 185th – 187th Streets

Votes: 1,757

The following projects were not funded:

M.S. 118 Auditorium Renovation

Upgrade lighting, sound system, and curtains; and purchase a new projector for the space.


577 East 179th Street

Votes: 1,282

M.S. 45 Auditorium Renovations

Update the stage, lighting and sound systems; and purchase new curtains and a projector.


2502 Lorillard Place

Votes: 1,655

Bus Arrival Countdown Clocks

Install 2 countdown clocks in the district to better track bus arrival times.


Throughout the District

Votes: 1,642