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District 15

Ritchie J. Torres

Bedford Park, Fordham, Mount Hope, Bathgate, Belmont, East Tremont, West Farms, Van Nest, Allerton, Olinville

Winning Projects:

Public SafetyFunded
NYPD Cameras

Install 8 NYPD Cameras in City Council District 15. The cameras provide video feeds directly to local police precincts.

Throughout City Council District 15


Votes: 1,087

Parks & RecreationFunded
Tree Guards

Install 30 metal guards to protect trees that have been recently installed by the Department of Parks.

Throughout City Council District 15


Votes: 423

P.S. 54 Jungle Gym

Install a jungle gym in the yard of P.S. 54.

2703 Webster Avenue


Votes: 1,492

Laptops in Schools

Provide a laptop cart with 30 laptops for local schools: Fordham High School for Arts, M.S. 45, P.S. 32, P.S. 163, P.S. 52, FDA V and TAPCO

Local Schools


Votes: 1,733

Smartboards in Schools

Install Smartboards in local schools: Fordham High School for the Arts,M.S. 45, P.S. 59, P.S. 32, P.S. 163, P.S. 57, FDA V and TAPCO.

Local Schools


Votes: 1,599

ArtsCulture and Community FacilitiesFunded
Bronx River Art Center Theater Equipment

Purchase theater equipment for BRAC, including: computers, audio equipment, visual equipment and software.

1087 East Tremont Avenue


Votes: 957

The following projects were not funded:

Complete the Grand Concourse

Install new medians, plantings and markings on the Grand Concourse. This will improve street safety and appearance.

Grand Concourse (East 173rd Street to Fordham Road)


Votes: 758

Parks & Recreation
Tree Plantings

Plant 20 trees on streets in City Council District 15. This will serve to beautify city streets.

Throughout City Council District 15


Votes: 725

Classroom Garden at Jonas Bronck Academy

Create a hydroponic classroom garden, which will provide students with an opportunity to learn botany and biology.

400 East Fordham Road


Votes: 746

P.S. 163 Science Cart

Provide P.S. 163 with a mobile science cart, so students can carry out experiments and demonstrations.

2075 Webster Avenue


Votes: 414

M.S. 45 Field Playground

Renovate the playground, replace and add new pieces to the play structure. Located between East 189th and East 188th Streets.

Bathgate Avenue and Lorillard Place


Votes: 730

P.S. 85 Auditorium Renovation

Replace 533 seats in the P.S. 85 auditorium.

2400 Marion Avenue


Votes: 632

P.S. 57 Indoor Gym

Renovate the indoor gym of P.S. 57. This will include new paint, padding, hoops and floors.

2111 Crotona Avenue


Votes: 863