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District 15

Ritchie J. Torres

Bedford Park, Fordham, Mount Hope, Bathgate, Belmont, East Tremont, West Farms, Van Nest, Allerton, Olinville

Winning Projects:

Bus Countdown Clocks

Votes: 1374 | Cost: $40,000

Transportation Hubs
Two bus countdown clocks which will help riders know when the next bus will be arriving.

Public SafetyFunded
NYPD Security Cameras

Votes: 1531 | Cost: $350,000

Install ten NYPD Security Cameras throughout District 15.

Parks & RecreationFunded
Bronx Park East Physical Exercise Equipment

Votes: 1165 | Cost: $200,000

Between Waring Avenue and Rosewood Street
Construct physical exercise equipment in Bronx Park.

Mobile Laptop Carts and Smart Boards

Votes: 1494 | Cost: $305,000

M.S.391, P.S.9, I.S.254, Jonas Bronck Academy
Purchase seven carts with thirty laptops each, and ten interactive white boards to be used by students.

Jonas Brock Academy Science Cart

Votes: 1299 | Cost: $62,000

400 East Fordham Road
Purchase a mobile science cart with lab materials for the students of Jonas Bronck Academy.

The following projects were not funded:

Parks & Recreation
Zimmerman Playground Basketball Court

Votes: 902 | Cost: $500,000

Zimmerman Playground
Resurface basketball court in Zimmerman Playground.

Murphy Houses Grounds Renovation

Votes: 476 | Cost: $300,000

NYCHA Murphy Houses
Renovate benches and resurface concrete in Murphy Houses.

TAPCO Lockers

Votes: 1160 | Cost: $200,000

2225 Webster Avenue
Install 80 lockers to create a girl’s locker room for Theater Arts Production Company School. There are currently no lockers for female students.

P.S. 23 Playground Renovation

Votes: 1123 | Cost: $400,000

2151 Washington Avenue
Renovate the playground of P.S. 23, including a new jungle gym.

Jungle Gym at P.S. 54

Votes: 1144 | Cost: $150,000

2703 Webster Avenue
Construct a jungle gym in the yard of P.S. 54.