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District 15

Ritchie J. Torres

Bedford Park, Fordham, Mount Hope, Bathgate, Belmont, East Tremont, West Farms, Van Nest, Allerton, Olinville

Winning Projects:

Air Conditioning for Public Schools

Install air conditioning units at several public schools in District 15 including: P.S. 28, P.S. 32 and P.S. 9. These units would keep classrooms cool in the warmer months.


Votes: 1,236

Security Cameras for Public Schools

Install security camera systems on the exteriors of KAPPA III and M.S. 391. This would allow staff to monitor the exterior of each school.


Votes: 1,352

Public SafetyFunded
NYPD Security Cameras

Place 9 New York City Police Department security cameras throughout District 15. Security cameras provide video feeds directly to local police precincts.

Throughout District 15


Votes: 1,288

Parks & RecreationFunded
Bronx Park Improvements

Renovations and enhancements throughout Bronx Park, north of Pelham Parkway.

Bronx Park East


Votes: 1,323

Bus Countdown Clocks

Install displays at 4 bus stops, which will provide a countdown clock for the arrival of MTA buses.

Transportation Hubs


Votes: 935

The following projects were not funded:

Arts Culture & Community Facilities
Belmont Library- Bathrooms

Renovate bathrooms at the Belmont Library to make them accessible to handicap visitors.

610 East 186th Street (Belmont)


Votes: 628

Arts Culture & Community Facilities
Grand Concourse Library- Roof

Replace the roof of the Grand Concourse Library. The roof currently leaks and needs to be replaced.

155 East 173rd Street (Mount Eden)


Votes: 514

Arts Culture & Community Facilities
Tremont Library- HVAC Units

Install 4 HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) units in the Tremont Library. Would provide centralized heating and cooling in the library.

1866 Washington Avenue (Tremont)


Votes: 525

Parks & Recreation
Echo Park- Dog Park

Construct a dog park in Richman (Echo) Park. This would create a fenced-in area for dogs to exercise unleashed.

Valentine Avenue (East Tremont)


Votes: 357

Parks & Recreation
Slattery Playground Courts and Bathrooms

Renovate the basketball courts and bathrooms in Slattery Playground.

East 183rd Street (Fordham)


Votes: 722

Parks & Recreation
Tree Guards

Construct tree guards throughout District 15. Tree guards protect trees on city sidewalks from damage and prevent pet waste from entering the tree pit.

Throughout District 15


Votes: 575

Parks & Recreation
Van Nest Flag Pole

Place a flag pole with the American flag in the Southernmost section of Van Nest Park.

White Plains Road and Unionport Road (Van Nest)


Votes: 356

Mobile Animal Emergency Unit

Purchase a truck to house a Mobile Animal Emergency Unit. This unit would provide the only overnight emergency animal care in the Bronx and could be moved throughout District 15.

Throughout District 15


Votes: 753