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District 37

Rafael L. Espinal Jr.

Cypress Hills, Bushwick, City Line, Ocean Hill, Brownsville, East New York

Here are some key news articles featuring Council Member Espinal

USA Today, Why I introduced a ban on plastic straws in NYC

Pix11, City breaks ground on new state-of-the-art school in East New York

BK Reader, Espinal and Adams Are Pushing for Urban Agriculture Bill Package

New York Times, Council Member Espinal Introduces Legislation to Prohibit NYC Food & Drink Establishments from Offering Plastic Straws

City and State Op-Ed, Council Member Espinal spearheads $3 million initiative to provide food to Holocaust survivors living in poverty

New York Times, After 91, Years New York Will Let Its People Boogie about my fight to repeal the NYC’s antiquated cabaret law.

Daily News, City Councilman Rafael Espinal’s Bill Would Rightfully Force Yankees Mets to Extend Netting at Stadiums

New York Times, Putting the brakes on gentrification and Doing Right By My Constituents by fighting for and securing affordable housing, jobs, and comprehensive neighborhood investments in East New York.

Brooklyn Eagle, Espinal secured $17.45 million dollars to improve neighborhood schools.

Kings County Politics, Bringing the community together to discuss first ever multipurpose community center in East New York.

City and State, Can Municipal Government Prevent Cancer? Espinal’s fight against Ovarian Cancer.

Fighting to protect job safety and security for nail salon workers while protecting the health of consumers.

Huffington Post, Espinal’s Bill to Create a “Craigslist of Food Donations” to Feed Hungry New Yorkers.

Vice,”Act Local Think Global,” Council Member Espinal’s OpEd in Vice Impact on the power of local action in the face of global environmental challenges.

Daily News, Council Member Espinal and Brooklyn Borough President introduce bill to create comprehensive urban agriculture plan to provide healthy food options to local communities and build green jobs.