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District 37

Rafael L. Espinal Jr.

Cypress Hills, Bushwick, City Line, Ocean Hill, Brownsville, East New York

Here are some key pieces of legislation Council Member Espinal has sponsored.

Sustaining our Environment: 

  • Int No. 1661 creating an urban agriculture website
  • Int No. 1567 studying the feasibility of microgrids
  • Int No. 1230 requiring new commercial buildings to be partially covered in plants or solar panels
  • Intro No. 0839 prohibiting the sale of single-use bottles at city parks and beaches
  • Intro No. 936 banning plastic straws in NYC establishments

Supporting Quality of Life for Communities, Businesses and Cultural Spaces:

  • Int No. 1652 repealing the cabaret law
  • Int No. 1648 creating an Office of Nightlife, Director of Nightlife and Nightlife Advisory Board 

Immigration, Social Services and Human Rights:

  • Int No. 1568 prohibiting city agencies from using city resources to comply with federal deportations
  • Int No. 1514 creating a web portal to facilitate food donations to hungry New Yorkers
  • Int No. 0924 requiring DOB to certify the date by which violations must be resolved to protect tenants and prevent unlawful eviction through vacate orders
  • Intro No. 1568 codifies NYC as a sanctuary city by prohibiting city agencies from using time or resources to aid federal immigration enforcement
  • Intro No. 1066 requires DHS to keep a record of the unsheltered homeless population
  • Intro No. 884 requiring DHS to report on short notice resident transfers
  • Intro No. 883 requiring DHS to provide customer service training to its staff
  • Intro No. 999 requiring DOC to provide free mental health services to children visiting incarcerated individuals

Protecting our Consumers:

  • Int No. 1539 strengthening regulations related to second hand auto dealers and predatory lenders
  • Int No. 1513 banning the sale of cosmetic products with certain harmful chemical
  • Int No. 726 requiring DCA and SBS to perform small business outreach

Supporting our Small Businesses and Nightlife Culture:

  • Intro No. 1688 establishes an Office of Nightlife and Nightlife Advisory Board
  • Intro No. 1652 repeals the cabaret law while maintaining security cameras and security guards at certain eating or drinking establishments