Flushing, NY – Council Member Peter Koo and State Assemblywoman Nily Rozic today announced the upcoming installation of a long-awaited traffic signal at the intersection of Parsons Boulevard and Rose Avenue in Kissena Park, Flushing.

Koo, Rozic and other elected officials and residents have been pushing for a traffic signal at the intersection since 2015 when Min-Tsu Lin was struck by a hit and run driver. After its initial study, the NYC DOT determined a signal was unnecessary, and instead recommended installing speed bumps and crosswalks without signals, however that solution was widely deemed inadequate by community leaders as it did not appropriately address the dangers of crossing the street.

In September, CM Koo met with Queens Commissioner and the DOT Deputy Commissioner for Traffic Operations at the intersection to point out how the intersection would be better served by a signal on Rose Avenue – a nearly half-mile stretch of road with two park entry points and no existing traffic controls. Following the on-site visit, DOT conducted another study, and this week confirmed that a traffic signal will be installed.

Council Member Peter Koo stated, “Obtaining the right traffic controls at this intersection has been a priority of many elected officials and community members for a long time, and I want to thank the NYC DOT for working with an open mind to come up with the best solution for everyone. Sometimes you have to step away from the office to get a first-hand perspective on how a community is truly impacted by traffic. This intersection is dangerous for a number of reasons. Cars speed next to the park, there is no crosswalk, and vehicles often park too close to the intersection creating blind corners. Attempting to cross the street forces you to inch out into the middle of the intersection to see around the corner. A signal is the best solution for safe travel on Rose as well as safe access to the park, and we are grateful that the DOT recognized the benefits of a signal.”

Assemblywoman Nily Rozic stated, “Since Min-Tsu Lin tragically lost his life at this intersection years ago, local community leaders and my colleagues in elected office—particularly Council Member Peter Koo and the Kissena Park Civic Association—have called upon the Department to enhance safety measures in the Flushing neighborhood. I thank NYC DOT for finally agreeing to install a traffic light at Parsons Boulevard and Rose Avenue after years of requests. I look forward to continuing the necessary work with NYC DOT to make our streets safer.”
Koo and Rozic also commended the efforts of the Kissena Park Civic Association, which has been vigilant in calling for various community safety improvements in and around the park, including a traffic signal at this intersection over the last several years.