7/17/2017 – Councilman Peter Koo in partnership with the New York Mets sponsored a program that challenged children in the third grade to read an age appropriate book in the month of May.  The students who participated prepared a report on their favorite book.  One child from each school was selected as a winner for submitting the most creative and well-written report. Each winner received a $50 gift card, tickets to New York Mets game and a New York City Certificate of Recognition.

The winners are:

PS 20- Alice Zhang

PS 24- Eythen John

PS 242- Saskia Shold

PS 162- Michael McKellar

PS 163- Oscar Lin

PS 214- Jose Torres

PS 22- Bing Yi Ding

PS 244- Anshika Tammisetti

PS 120-Nicole Sim

PS 177-Madeline Noone


All children who participated in the challenge received a New York City Council Certificate.  The reports will be proudly displayed at Councilman Koo’s District Office.

Councilman Peter Koo stated, “Reading is an important skill to master at an early age to prepare students for the challenges that lay ahead. Every child who participated did a wonderful job and provided impressive book reports. Too often we read about the failures of our education system but as I read the many reports submitted to my office I was reassured that New York City has the best teachers and brightest students in the country. I want to thanks the New York Mets organization for co-sponsoring the Readers Are leaders Challenge and look forward to working together on other exciting community events.”