District 8

Melissa Mark-Viverito

El Barrio/East Harlem, Mott Haven, Highbridge, Concourse, Longwood, Port Morris

Winning Projects:

School Technology Upgrades

Technology upgrades for the Academy of Applied Math and Technology, South Bronx Preparatory School, P.S. 161 and International Community High School.

Bronx- Mott Haven and Longwood


Votes: 998

Air Conditioning at Bronx Schools

Installation of 1 air conditioning system at 345 Brooke Avenue for schools X343, X224 and X334. Installation of 1 air conditioning system for P.S. 161X.

628 Tinton Avenue, 345 Brook Avenue (Bronx- Mott Haven and Longwood)


Votes: 786

ArtsCulture and Community FacilitiesFunded
Boys & Girls Harbor: Renovate Playground

Revitalize entire playground; install new basketball courts with standard basketball equipment, softer surfacing and small seating and eating area.

1 East 104th Street (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 844

ArtsCulture and Community FacilitiesFunded
125 Street Library: ADA Ramp

Replace current detachable ramp with a permanent, concrete and ADA-compliant ramp.

224 East 125th Street (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 963

Wilson Houses: Renovate Basketball Court

Renovation to basketball court.

405 East 105th Street (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 1,095

The following projects were not funded:

Corsi Benches

Installation of benches and repaving of sidewalk in front of building.

306 East 117th Street (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 429

Gaylord White: Security Upgrades

Upgrade security access to Gaylord White Houses.

2029 Second Avenue (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 752

Gaylord White: Grounds Improvements

Renovation of floor pavement and installation of new seating at Gaylord White Senior Center’s outdoor patio.

237 East 104th Street (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 662

Lighting Upgrades for Highbridge Houses

Lighting Upgrades for the two south Highbridge rehab buildings.

1085 Anderson Avenue and 130 West 166th Street (Bronx-Highbridge)


Votes: 328

Carter Burden Senior Center: ADA Ramp

Install an ADA-compliant ramp at Carter Burden Leonard Covello Senior Center.

312 East 109th Street (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 374

Parks & Recreation
La Isla Gardens

Renovation of green spaces including installation of water zone device in community gardens, wood for constructing benches and tables and materials for a garden.

96 West 163rd Street (Bronx- Highbridge)


Votes: 637

Parks & Recreation
Thomas Jefferson Park: Dog Run Upgrades

Upgrade Tom’s Dog Run Park’s water fountain and irrigation system; install new fences and gates; create section for smaller dogs.

1st Avenue between east 111th Street- 114th Street (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 691

Parks & Recreation
Blake Hobbs Playground: Court Renovation

Renovate the playground, basketball court and handball court.

East 102nd-104th Streets and 2nd Avenue (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 494

Parks & Recreation
Improvements to Diamante Garden

Installation of an irrigation system; construction of a brick path for safety and accessibility; reconstruction of the stage flooring, roof and planting bench; upgrade picnic area.

306-310 East 118th Street and 2nd Avenue (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 203

Parks & Recreation
Pier 107

Renovation to Pier 107: refinishing walking areas to allow for public access.

107th Street on East River Esplanade (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 394

Technology Upgrades

Technology upgrades for Park East High School and Central Park East High School.

230 East 105th Street and 1573 Madison Avenue (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 768

Air Conditioning: P.S. 179, P.S. 369, P.S. 352

Installation of two HVAC units at P.S. 179X, P.S. 369X and P.S. 352X.

468 East 140th Street (Bronx-Mott Haven)


Votes: 673

Bathroom Renovations at M.S./H.S. 223

Renovation of girls’ and boys’ bathrooms including stalls, lighting, painting and having walls re-glazed.

360 East 145th Street (Bronx-Mott Haven)


Votes: 556

ArtsCulture and Community Facilities
Technology Upgrades

Technology upgrades at E. Roberts Moore Senior Center and Betances Community Center.

547 West 146th Street and 515 Jackson Avenue (Bronx- Mott Haven)


Votes: 428

ArtsCulture and Community Facilities
Children’s Aid Society: Bathroom Upgrade

Renovations to bathroom at Children’s Aid Society.

130 East 101st Street (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 643

ArtsCulture and Community Facilities
Aguilar Library Windows

Reconstruct windows in the 100 year old Carnegie building that houses the Aguilar Library.

174 East 110th Street (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 491

ArtsCulture and Community Facilities
Woodycrest Technology Improvements

Technology upgrades to current computer lab. Renovation of basement to install a music studio.

153 West 165th Street (Bronx- Highbridge)


Votes: 231

Wilson Houses: Grounds Improvements

Renovate playground and install standard playground equipment.

305 East 105th Street (El Barrio.East Harlem)


Votes: 718

East River Houses: Door Upgrades

Install new doors throughout East River Houses.

418 East 105th Street (El Barrio/East Harlem)


Votes: 843

Millbrook Grounds Improvements

Improvement of green space for recreational and communal purposes.

Between 137th Street and St. Ann;s Avenue (Bronx- Mott Haven)


Votes: 274

Mitchel Center: Roof Repair

Repair the community center’s roof, which will create an improved recreational space for community members.

210 Alexander Avenue (Bronx- Mott Haven)


Votes: 176

Patterson Houses: Grounds Improvement

Grounds improvements for Patterson Houses.

308 East 145th Street (Bronx- Mott Haven)


Votes: 231