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District 40

Mathieu Eugene

Crown Heights, East Flatbush, Flatbush, Kensington, Midwood, Prospect Park, and Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Winning Projects:

Parks & RecreationFunded
New Play Yard for Ditmas Park

Renovate the cracked and often flooded asphalt lot, to create a safer and more engaging public space for families.

P.S. 139, 330 Rugby at Cortelyou


Votes: 1,118

Trees for Rogers Avenue

These 4 blocks have only 7 trees! More trees help clean the air on this bus route and keep street cooler in summer heat.

Rogers Avenue, Midwood to Winthrop


Votes: 992

Technology Upgrades

Teacher resource station, computer and much needed equipment to improve learning for diverse, often immigrant, children.

P.S. 217, 1100 Newkirk Avenue at Coney Island Avenue


Votes: 1,152

A.C. for High Needs Schools

Install air conditioning in 46 rooms at these two Title I schools, so students and teachers can focus on learning.

P.S. 92, 601 Parkside and P.S. 139, 330 Rugby


Votes: 1,451

The following projects were not funded:

Safety Improvements at Flatbush and Rutland

Sidewalk extension and other street safety measures will protect pedestrians from cars turning off Flatbush.

NE & SE Corners of Flatbush and Rutland


Votes: 472

Safety Improvements at Rogers and Rutland

Sidewalk extension and other street safety measures will protect children near Lefferts Gardens Montessori school.

SE Corner of Rogers Avenue and Rutland Road


Votes: 364

Safety Improvements at Busy Intersection

Sidewalk extensions and expanded southern triangle will improve pedestrian safety near busy Prospect Park station.

Flatbush at Washington and Lincoln


Votes: 774

Safe Pedestrian Path Through West Parade Ground

Improve walkway next to the Precinct so people can walk through the west side- safely without cars, bikes and trucks.

Prospect Park Parade Ground by West Driveway


Votes: 797

Upgrade Audio/Visual System for P.S. 92

Upgrade A/V System in this Title I school’s auditorium with video, projection, lighting, etc. (None exist now).

P.S. 92, 601 Parkside at Rogers


Votes: 928