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District 47

Mark Treyger

Bensonhurst, Coney Island, Gravesend, Sea Gate

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture and Community FacilitiesFunded
Coney Island Library Technology

Desktop computers, public printers and reservation computers for programs and public use at the Coney Island Library.


1901 Mermaid Avenue

Votes: 691

I.S. 281 Auditorium

Air conditioning for the auditorium in I.S. 281.


8787 24th Avenue

Votes: 472

Technology for P.S. 212

Laptops and smartboards for P.S. 212.


87 Bay 49th Street

Votes: 971

Technology for P.S./I.S. 288

Smartboards and laptop carts for P.S./I.S. 288.


2950 West 25th Street

Votes: 488

Parks & RecreationFunded
Ocean Parkway Malls

Upgrades to malls, including resurfacing of bike and pedestrian paths, new benches and tree pruning and planting.


Ocean Parkway from Avenue R to Avenue X

Votes: 610

Public SafetyFunded
Security Cameras

NYPD security cameras will be installed in various locations in District 47.


Various Locations

Votes: 696

The following projects were not funded:

Technology for P.S. 97

Laptops for P.S. 97.


1855 Stillwell Avenue

Votes: 400

Technology for P.S. 215

Laptops and smartboards for P.S. 215.


415 Avenue S

Votes: 295

Technology for P.S. 216

Smartboards for P.S. 216.


350 Avenue X

Votes: 351

Technology for P.S. 188

Laptops, cameras, and smartboards for P.S. 188.


3314 Neptune Avenue

Votes: 416