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District 47

Mark Treyger

Bensonhurst, Coney Island, Gravesend, Sea Gate

Winning Projects:

Bus Countdown Clocks

Votes: 576 | Cost: $100,000

District Wide
Real Time Passenger Information at high traffic bus stops in District 47.

Parks & RecreationFunded
McDonald Playground – Reconstruction

Votes: 779 | Cost: $500,000 (Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is allocating $100,000)

McDonald Playground
Funds will be used to renovate the children’s play area of McDonald Playground

Technology in Middle Schools

Votes: 422 | Cost: $150,000

521 West Ave, 8310 21st Ave, 2630 Benson Ave
Technology upgrades in Rachel Carson High School, Brooklyn Studio Secondary School, and Kingsborough Early College School.

Technology in High Schools

Votes: 459 | Cost: $150,000

I.S. 281, I.S. 228, and I.S. 239
Technology upgrades in I.S. 281, I.S. 228, and I.S. 239.

Technology in Elementary Schools

Votes: 711 | Cost: $200,000

P.S. 212, P.S. 216, P.S. 97 and P.S. 188
Technology upgrades in P.S. 212, P.S. 216, P.S. 97 and P.S. 188.

The following projects were not funded:

Marlboro Houses – Security Improvements

Votes: 409 | Cost: $150,000

Marlboro Houses
Funds will be used to install additional security cameras at Marlboro Houses.

Parks & Recreation
Playground Renovation – Scarangella Playground

Votes: 319 | Cost: $300,000

Scarangella Playground
The project will include renovations to the existing playground, spray shower, courts, paths, landscaping and sidewalks.

Parks & Recreation
Surf Playground

Votes: 250 | Cost: $300,000

Surf Playground
The funds will be used to reconstruct two full basketball courts.