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District 7

Mark Levine

Manhattan Valley, Manhattanville, Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights

Winning Projects:

Arts Culture and Community FacilitiesFunded
District 7 Libraries Upgrades

Printers, computers, WiFi, projectors and audio systems for libraries in district


District 7 Libraries

Votes: 1,353

M.S. 54 Technology Upgrade

Technologies and other building upgrades – Booker T. Washington Middle School


103 West 107th Street

Votes: 793

P.S. 36 Technology Upgrade

Technologies and other building upgrades.


Margaret Douglas School, 123 Morningside Drive

Votes: 800

External Lighting at Grant Houses

External lighting for night. Located near the Day Care Center at Amsterdam Avenue and LaSalle Street.


Grant Houses

Votes: 780

Broadway Avenue Countdown Clocks

2 Countdown Clocks that tell when the next bus is arriving.


Along Broadway

Votes: 748

The following projects were not funded:

P.S. 165 New Gym AC

Upgrade gymnasium air conditioning at the Roberts E. Simon School.


234 West 109th Street

Votes: 719

Renovate Douglass Playground

Basketball courts and playground renovations at the Frederick Douglass Houses.


55 West 100th Street

Votes: 715

Emergency Readiness Kiosk at Manhattanville

Create a dedicated space for information and solutions for issues related to emergency preparedness.


Manhattanville Houses

Votes: 529

Parks & Recreation
Handball Court Repair at Hamilton Playground

Handball court repair.


Hamilton Place between 140 & 141 Streets

Votes: 467

Parks & Recreation
Playground Repair at Morningside Park

Playground repair. Install new equipment for children of all ages.


Corner of Morningside Drive and 110th Street

Votes: 742

Parks & Recreation
New Playground Turf

Upgrade for playground turf that serves 3 co-located schools.


P.S. 125, 425 West 123rd Street

Votes: 558