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District 7

Mark Levine

Manhattan Valley, Manhattanville, Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights

Winning Projects:

Parks & RecreationFunded
P.S. 125 Courtyard/Playground Upgrade

Install turf play surface on the eastern portion of the playground. Repair fencing and replace existing water fountain.

425 West 123rd Street


Votes: 854

Douglass Housing Exterior Lighting and Grounds Work

Provide brighter lighting of pathways and public ground areas. Renovation of the basketball courts and recreation areas.

Amsterdam avenue between 100th and 104th Streets


Votes: 717

Essential Restoration of Four School Restrooms

Restrooms service more than 1,440 people in 4 schools at the Terrence Tolbert Educational Building Complex.

625 West 133rd Street


Votes: 781

The following projects were not funded:

Illuminate Cherry Walk on Hudson River Greenway

Installation of bike path lighting along this extended area of Hudson River Greenway.

Henry Hudson Parkway South (110th-125th Streets)


Votes: 565

Riverstone Senior Center Lighting Upgrade

Lack of/dim lighting, especially on the main pathways and the entry/exit points of the building.

99 Fort Washington Avenue


Votes: 490

Add Security Cameras at St. Mary’s Nursing Home

The installation of security cameras around the exterior and within the interior of St. Mary’s Nursing Home.

516 West 125th Street


Votes: 557

Bus Countdown Clock on Amsterdam Avenue

Installation of bus Countdown Clock kiosks on Amsterdam Avenue.

Amsterdam Avenue between 116th and 157th Streets


Votes: 645

Manhattanville Housing Outdoor Terrace Lighting

Outdoor terrace lighting to increase security surrounding the public housing.

Along Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue (129th-133rd Streets)


Votes: 507

Grant Housing Ground and Pavement Repair

Grounds and pavement within and surrounding the housing complex, including but not limited to newly developed curb cuts.

3170 Broadway, Amsterdam Avenue (125th Street- La Salle Street)


Votes: 542

P.S. 125 Cafeteria Upgrade

Kitchen improvements which would assist in increasing the speed of service to the 3 schools which serve the building.

425 West 123rd Street


Votes: 759

P.S./M.S. 165 Playground Renovation

Renovation of playground units, including the safety rubberized ground surface and asphalt.

234 West 109th Street


Votes: 663