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District 7

Mark Levine

Manhattan Valley, Manhattanville, Morningside Heights, Hamilton Heights

Winning Projects:

Riverstone Senior Center Upgrade & Renovation

Votes: 708 | Cost: $210,000

99 Fort Washington Ave.
Grounds renovation outside the entrance would be designed to budget. Priorities such as creating attractive seating areas and enclosing the dumpster would be coordinated with RA leadership.

Parks & RecreationFunded
Green Up District 7

Votes: 449 | Cost: $300,000

West 125th Street to West 155th Street
Planting 100 street trees and installing tree guards.

Science Lab Upgrades

Votes: 418 | Cost: $75,000

425 West 123rd Street
Upgrade three existing science lab classrooms in Columbia Secondary School to align with NGSS standards that will enhance current STEM curriculum.

Improve Technology for JHS 54 Booker T. Washington

Votes: 362 | Cost: $35,000

103 West 107th Street
Laptop cart for middle school students in J.H.S. 54 Booker T. Washintgon School.

Arts, Culture, & CommunityFunded
Save Hamilton Grange! Elevator Repair

Votes: 468 | Cost: $400,000

503 West 145th St.
Restoration to the exterior of the building and water damage within the building. Replacement of the inoperable boiler, the installation of new windows and a workable HVAC system are needed.

The following projects were not funded:

Parks & Recreation
Cherry Walk Safety Improvements

Votes: 342 | Cost: $150,000

West 110th Street to West 129th Street
Address dangerous conditions for walkers and bikers along the 1.5 mile unbroken section of the Hudson River Greenway. Install reflective paint markings to illuminate and improve safety conditions.

Parks & Recreation
Artificial Turf Installation

Votes: 239 | Cost: $500,000

Morningside Ave. (123rd St. – 124th St.)
Install artificial turf play surface on the eastern portion of the playground in Morningside Park.

Playground Renovation

Votes: 419 | Cost: $500,000

Manhattanville Houses
Renovate, upgrade, and install new equipment and amenities.

Lighting Upgrades for Recreational Area

Votes: 436 | Cost: $500,000

Manhattanville Houses
Inadequate lighting around playing fields. Gangs are exploiting two of the dark play areas while the inadequately lit paths are sites of frequent muggings. Proper lighting will enhance basic security.

Basketball Court Renovations

Votes: 345 | Cost: $500,000

Manhattanville Houses
Resurface, replace and install new basketball court and recreational equipment.

Augment Exterior Security Cameras

Votes: 318 | Cost: $500,000

Manhattanville Houses
Augment the current 16 cameras per building added in 2015 with additional cameras to provide full security outdoors.

Audubon Houses Playground Renovation

Votes: 223 | Cost: $500,000

Audubon Houses
Renovation of recreational area for exercise, activity and relaxation.

Technology Lab Upgrades

Votes: 330 | Cost: $35,000

500 West 138th Street
Hamilton Grange Middle School will receive either one (1) laptop cart or 10-15 desktops.

Smart Boards

Votes: 184 | Cost: $75,000

500 West 138th Street
Installation of 5-10 smart boards at Hamilton Grange Middle School.

Playground Upgrades

Votes: 287 | Cost: $400,000

500 West 138th Street
Playground upgrades (secure gating, security cameras) to the basketball court to service the students in Hamilton Grange Middle School.

P.S. 28 Wright Brothers Greenhouse Project

Votes: 414 | Cost: $250,000

475 West 155th Street
Greenhouse Project Classroom Conversion with New York Sun Works will improve environmental science education in urban schools through state of the art hydroponic greenhouse science labs.

Indoor Hydroponic Farm

Votes: 364 | Cost: $250,000

425 West 123rd Street
Indoor Hydroponic Farm to be used by 200 elementary school children attending Columbia Secondary School. There is a possibility it will be used by other local public schools too.

Electrical Upgrade to CSS

Votes: 195 | Cost: $200,000

425 West 123rd Street
Upgrade electricity so that electrical equipment can be used in the classrooms in the Ralph Bunche Campus.

Auditorium Audio Upgrade

Votes: 267 | Cost: $125,000

425 West 123rd Street
Upgrade to audio system and acoustics in the Ralph Bunche Campus auditorium which is used by three public schools, the DOE administration and the Community.

Arts, Culture, & Community
George Bruce Library Renovations & Repairs

Votes: 622 | Cost: $1,000,000

518 West 125th Street
Time has wounded the site and certain physical complications have developed that should be immediately addressed. The facility needs a complete overhaul of the drainage system.