NEW YORK – Council Member Chin released the following statement on the recent announcement from the de Blasio Administration to relocate homeless residents of the Lucerne Hotel:

“While I welcome the possibility to expand safe shelter options in Lower Manhattan, it is increasingly clear that Lucerne residents have not been brought to the table in the City’s planning conversations. Their voices and needs should be centered to determine the best solutions for their long-term stability. 

Moving these residents from one district to another like a game of ping pong without a holistic plan for how they will be meaningfully supported will simply worsen their trauma and cause more disruption to their lives. They are not asking for a band-aid decision grounded in political convenience — they want permanent solutions that help ensure their stability and recovery.

I want to be absolutely clear — we need to fight for housing stability for everyone, in every borough, Council district, and Community Board district. The City should be looking at meaningful, permanent solutions to address housing instability everywhere, including Lower Manhattan, where individuals experiencing homelessness are still very much in need of services, programming, and safe shelter. 

Right now, the demands and questions raised by Lucerne residents and their advocates should be prioritized. Before taking any action, I urge the City to share how it will engage Lucerne residents on the plans impacting their future, and how it plans to provide shelter to the homeless individuals in my district.

In the meantime, I encourage my fellow New Yorkers committed to helping our homeless population and expanding supportive housing to stand against any rhetoric that dehumanizes this vulnerable community. We need moral clarity, not more division. This is a complex issue that has already taken a toll on real lives, and we must work together to approach it with the humanity and compassion it demands of us.”