NEW YORK – Council Members Margaret S. Chin, Mark Treyger, Chaim Deutsch and Peter Koo released the following statement in support of local community groups’ call to remove a Member of Community Education Council 22 for using an offensive racial slur in an email to over 150 Community Education Members across the City:

“Over the course of history, the Asian American community has been treated as an invisible group and subjected to racist slurs. Being called ‘yellow’ is an example of such xenophobia. It is alarming to see this pattern of marginalization continue in 2019 at the most local level of our democracy – especially in what was supposed to be a safe space for concerned parents and community members to make their voices heard.

A half-baked apology – with no shown effort to build bridges with those who felt attacked – is not enough.

The community has spoken, and demands strong action by the Community Education Council to condemn this divisive rhetoric and ensure this type of incident is not repeated. Given that the Department of Education has referred to the Council body to make final decisions about their membership, the Community Education Council must step up to listen to parents’ demands, do the right thing and remove Dr. Cody, and work towards restoring trust with all communities.”