CITY HALL – Today, the New York City Council passed a package of bills to curb placard abuse, which includes legislation sponsored by Council Member Chin to immediately revoke the placard of anyone guilty of misusing a City-issued placard more than three times or using a fraudulent placard once.

“Placard permits are a privilege, not an unfettered right. Yet we hear horror stories about government employees who constantly abuse this privilege and make streets unsafe,” said Council Member Margaret S. Chin. “This abuse not only disrespects residents— it’s corruption in plain sight and should be stopped in its tracks. Without strong enforcement measures to hold offenders accountable, this abuse will only continue to weaken trust in our democracy. Today, with the passage of our placard abuse package, we are taking the necessary first steps for New Yorkers to get their streets back.”

While the De Blasio Administration has taken some efforts to increase enforcement, complaints related to placard abuse have grown, especially in neighborhoods that grapple with growing street congestion, traffic safety issues and parking scarcity.

Intro 932 will, for the first time, set explicit ground rules that lead to the immediate revocation of a placard. Other bills in the legislative package will develop a comprehensive plan to inform the creation and distribution of placards, increase fines for offenders, create an electronic tracking system to hold users of counterfeit permits accountable, and make it easier for constituents to report and share photos of instances of abuse through 311.

Intro 932 is expected to take effect 90 days after it becomes law.