On Tuesday, a man wielding a hammerattacked three Asian men working at the Seaport Buffet in Brooklyn. Tragically one of the men, Chef Fufai Pun, was killed in the attack. The other two men, Tsz Mat Pun and Kheong Ng-Thang remain in critical condition. The individual responsible for this brutal assault claimed to be inspired by an unnamed film depicting Chinese men abusing Chinese women. In response to this incident, Council Members Margaret S. Chin, Chaim Deutsch, and Peter Koo issued the following statement.

“We call upon the NYPD and District Attorney Eric Gonzalez to use all available tools to investigate and prosecute this horrific and hate-filled attack. Both the DA and the NYPD, have an opportunity to send a clear message that such a clear targeting of the Asian community will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The views espoused by this individual echolingering racial stereotypes concerning the relationship between men and women in the Chinese community. Armed with these repugnant beliefs, this man entered a local restaurant and wounded two innocent people and killed another while they were doing their jobs. Let’s be clear: no New Yorker should ever fear that someone could end their lives just because they are of a certain ethnicity.”