Demands transparency and real public input over MDC’s proposed move to 80 Centre St.

In response to a lack of opportunities for public engagement in regards to the proposed move of the Manhattan Detention Center, Council Member Margaret S. Chin today urged City Hall to help lead a town hall to provide vital information and address community concerns.

“It’s crucial that the Administration participate in a robust community engagement process, which must begin with full transparency about the proposal to move the Manhattan Detention Center from its current location to 80 Center St. That is why I urge City Hall to be a full participant in several Town Hall meetings in District 1 that will allow residents, small business owners, and community leaders to have a say in future redevelopment plans — not only for 80 Centre, but the current detention center, which would be returned to the community as part of this proposal,” said Council Member Chin. “As a strong supporter of the effort to reduce the number of detainees in our City that would allow us to close Rikers Island, I believe this Administration must seize this opportunity to provide clarity, address concerns, and engage residents, business owners, and community leaders in a productive dialogue.”

These Town Hall meetings would provide an opportunity for the Administration to answer the community’s questions and concerns well ahead of the September 27th Manhattan Scoping meeting at 1 Centre Street at 6 PM.