CITY HALL – Council Member Margaret S. Chin yesterday introduced legislation to set concrete enforcement guidelines to combat placard abuse in New York City.

Intro 932 would allow the City to immediately revoke the City-issued parking placard permit and prohibit the issuance of new placards to individuals found guilty of misusing a valid placard more than three times in one calendar year or using a fraudulent placard once.

“By introducing legislation to revoke placard parking permits and prohibit the issuance of new permits to individuals who have repeatedly committed fraud and abuse of the system, we are taking the steps to end the chaos that has allowed people to skirt the rules in neighborhoods already burdened by a scarcity of parking spots and endless street congestion. This bill sends a strong message to placard abusers that no one is exempt from following the rules,” said Council Member Chin.

There are more than 160,000 legally issued placards in circulation throughout New York City, which are distributed to City employees such as teachers, police officers and Department of Transportation workers. Over the years, the City has seen an increase in drivers using placards to improperly flout traffic rules by parking at crosswalks, no standing zones or in front of fire hydrants.

In heavily congested Lower Manhattan neighborhoods, rampant misuse of City-issued parking permits is not only an insult to the families and businesses that depend on access to parking spots in their own neighborhoods – it poses numerous safety hazards for pedestrians and the general public.

Today, there are no guidelines for the number of violations that would result in the permanent revocation of a placard.

Council Member Chin’s legislation is part of a package of bills aimed to end placard abuse, which includes legislation sponsored by New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson to create an electronic tracking system to help traffic enforcement officers distinguish between real and fake placards in real time and monitor how many times an individual has been caught misusing a valid placard.