CITY HALL – The New York City Council Women’s Caucus issued the following statement in response to the resignation and investigation of former New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman:

“The abusive and disgusting behavior described in the New Yorker report is appalling. With the resignation of Attorney General Schneiderman and the beginning of a criminal investigation, our state must now begin the process of earning back the trust of the people of New York State. We have a long way to go. It is clear that a culture of sexual misconduct and abuse has been allowed to fester in our state for far too long. While some reforms were passed this year, there is much more that needs to be accomplished.

We, the members of the New York City Council Women’s Caucus, call on the State Legislature to take legislative action before the end of the session to support the victims of all types of gender-based violence, from intimate partner violence and sexual harassment, to sexual assault. We must also strengthen reporting measures that the public and government staff can use if they have been harassed or abused by elected and government officials.

As the investigation into the allegations against Schneiderman begins, it’s important that we take the reports from these brave women seriously and support all women who feel silenced by abusers in positions of power, no matter the industry or office.

This investigation must be one that is completely independent. The Women’s Caucus supports the appointment of Nassau District Attorney Madeline Singas as special prosecutor in this case, in order to preserve the public’s confidence in this investigation.”