CITY HALL – Last week, Council Member Margaret S. Chin joined Council colleagues, local parents and Manhattan Youth staff to present a City Council Proclamation to Lower Manhattan’s very own group of “fearless girls.” After coming close to winning the championship in 2016, the I.S. 276 Chargers soft ball team in Battery Park City returned to the game in full force and culminated a successful spring 2017 season by winning their first ever New York City soft ball championship.

Comprised of 14 driven young women from the 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, the Chargers hit their stride in the playoffs, scoring 9, 21, and 14 home runs in their final three games. In no small part to their balanced teamwork and smart and timely hitting, all 10 members of the Chargers starting lineup scored at least one home run in their championship game.

“Congratulations to the Chargers for showing us exactly what our City’s girls can achieve by dreaming big and persisting towards their goal,” said Council Member Chin. “After carrying out a successful 2017 season, the Chargers worked together to win their first citywide championship game. I thank their coaches, the staff at Manhattan Youth and I.S. 276, and their parents for supporting their ambition. Through their hard-earned victory, the Chargers have risen up as a model of teamwork, dedication and girl power for their peers in Lower Manhattan and across the City. ”

The I.S. 276 Chargers are part of Manhattan Youth’s SONYC Middle School Athletic League, a program modeled after the Public School Athletic League that provides competitive sports leagues for New York City students at the middle school level. After Mayor De Blasio expanded DYCD funding for the SONYC program in 2014, thousands more middle school students received access to enriching after school programs like sports.

Manhattan Youth is a provider of these free services for 22 middle schools across the City. During the 2016-2017 school year, more than 3,500 middle schoolers had the opportunity to play for a school sports league.

“I’d like to thank Mayor De Blasio, DYCD, and the City Council for their gamechanging investment in middle-school youth,” said Theseus Roche. “These sports leagues are an essential part of the SONYC/Middle-School Expansion program. Manhattan Youth is proud to be a part of this citywide mission to provide these essential services to students in the most vulnerable years of adolescence.”

“It was an incredible experience for the girls, along with myself and all the coaches, to be recognized at City Hall,” said Chargers Coach Jon Carey. “We were honored to represent I.S. 276 and the Manhattan Youth athletics program; it was an event that we will never forget! We’d like to thank everyone that supported us in our journey and helped make our 2017 season possible. Go Chargers!”