Originally Posted on July 30, 2015

Ondelivery.com launches new service that promises to provide a better delivery experience for workers, restaurants, and customers

Chinatown, NYC – Council Member Margaret Chin attended the launch today of Ondelivery.com, a new food delivery service in Lower Manhattan that allows local restaurants to hand over delivery responsibilities to a professional team of couriers, as well as improve working conditions for delivery people.

“I congratulate Ondelivery for its expansion into my district, and look forward to seeing its business continue to grow and hire more workers,” said Council Member Chin. “This is a business that has committed to treating their workers fairly, and to providing a better experience for delivery employees, restaurants, and their customers. We need more businesses, like this one, that operate not only to improve their company’s bottom line — but to help the community thrive.”

“From the closure of Park Row to the economic crisis, Chinatown and lower Manhattan have been hard hit over the years, and it’s important to give our small, local, immigrant-owned businesses more opportunities to succeed,” said State Senator Daniel Squadron. “Chinatown has some amazing food, and as a fan myself, I encourage people to visit, get delivery, or eat food from Chinatown any way they can. Welcome OnDelivery, and thank you to their local partners at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and the Chinatown Partnership/BID.”

Wellington Chen, Executive Director of Chinatown Partnership, stated: “I am so delighted we finally reached this critical milestone after all the discussions, meetings and preparations. We’ve come a long way from the early surveys and data research and from those meetings with Robert and his hardworking team. I want to welcome and commend this innovative initiative for it is one of the best ways for Chinatown, Little Italy, and all our neighbors to deliver services by ‘Bringing the mountain’ to tens-of-thousands of customers and highlighting what the town can offer!”

Justin Yu, President of Chinese Chamber of Commerce of New York stated: “I look forward to the new service OnDelivery.com is going to provide for local business owners. I fully support its effort of bringing Chinese cuisines to the mainstream market.”

The new website aims to help small local businesses in expanding their presence online. With the emergence of ondemand services many businesses currently lack the proper infrastructure to support the influx of customers. OnDelivery.com boasts an easy paying process and utilizes innovative software to handle all website traffic.

Many current food ordering services website do not offer delivery for partnering businesses, which requires restaurants to hire an additional delivery staffer, or shifts the burden onto the same workers who also take orders, clean, and prepare food. Instead, Ondelivery.com leaves the task to a trained and professional courier who allows the restaurant to focus on the food.

The team of OnDelivery.com has ample experience from establishing a delivery service business, FlushingFood.com, which has generated $4 million dollars in online business in 2014, and created over 30 jobs.

OnDelivery.com is expected to build a team of 50 people in its first year and also generate $10 million dollars in online business for local restaurants. All of this helps to promote Lower Manhattan as a premier destination for some of the finest food New York City has to offer.