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District 35

Laurie A. Cumbo

Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Bedford Stuyvesant

Winning Projects:

Safe Routes to School, P.S. 221

Safe Routes helps the streets surrounding schools become safer and reduces pedestrian accidents.

Empire Boulevard Intersection


Votes: 1,447

Science Room and Technology Upgrade P.S. 705

The science room upgrade includes a built-in teacher’s station, mobile STEM labs and 3D printer.

443 St. marks Avenue


Votes: 1,630

Running Water for P.S. 241 Science Lab

Create a water line for the science lab in P.S. 241 by installing one non-reactive sink, faucet and taps.

976 President Street


Votes: 1,637

The following projects were not funded:

Bus Pads on Fulton Street

Bus pads are durable roadway surfaces that address the common issue of asphalt distortion at bus stops.

Fulton Street between Vanderbilt and Clermont Avenues


Votes: 694

Ingersoll Houses Garden Improvements

Improvements include installing an irrigation system, metal benches and lighting.


Votes: 1,429

Auditorium Upgrades P.S. 9

Replace stage lighting, sound system and seats. Install a projector, repaint auditorium and refurbish stage floor.

80 Underhill Avenue


Votes: 1,414

Technology Panels for P.S. 532

P.S. 532 New bridges Elementary school is requesting 10 Promethium ActivPanels for their classrooms

1025 Eastern Parkway


Votes: 1,092

Auditorium Renovation P.S. 67 and Community Roots

Remove and install new seats with row numbers. Install lighting and audio equipment and projection system.

51 St. Edwards Street


Votes: 1,302