On Thursday, March 24th, Castle III passed the City Council vote at the stated meeting. For Councilwoman Kristin Richardson Jordan this is the step the city needs to take to develop Actually Affordable Housing. Castle Gardens is under development for The Fortune Society, whose mission is to assist previously incarcerated individuals with the means to reenter society. The Fortune Society provides this assistance through affordable housing and on site support services. The organization, founded in 1967, serves over 9,000 people annually, throughout all of New York City. 

With the Councilwoman’s stance on the One45 development, the narrative seems to be that KRJ is against any housing developments in Harlem. This is completely untrue. The Councilwoman is in full support of creating green spaces that uplift the current residents of Harlem, and will not contribute to gentrification. “We cannot sacrifice the lives of humans for the sake of a museum and unaffordable luxury living for the privileged few. We need to prioritize the lives of our fellow Harlemites.” One45 was voted down by Community Board 10. In contrast, Castle III has full support of the community.

Castle III contains 58 supportive housing units for formerly incarcerated and formerly homeless individuals. These units will have rent locked at 30% AMI. Another 24 units will have differing income requirements

– 2 units at 30% AMI

– 2 units at 40% AMI

– 12 units at 60% AMI

Combined, all units make Castle III a 100%, fully affordable housing project , something KRJ is  fighting for with all developers building in Harlem. The Castle is slated to be an electric building with solar power on the roof. There will be local hiring from the designated community board, along with a commitment to Minority/Women-owned Business Enterprises. The Councilwoman looks forward to the completion of this project. New York City is experiencing a housing crisis, and she hopes she can count on her fellow council members to support additional developments, like Castle III, in being part of the solution.