District 4

Keith Powers

Upper East Side, Carnegie Hill, Yorkville, Central Park South, Midtown East, Times Square, Koreatown, Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, Waterside Plaza, Tudor City, Turtle Bay, Murray Hill, Sutton Place

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Attend a Participatory Budgeting Neighborhood Assembly
Through Participatory Budgeting, this community gets to play a direct role in deciding how $1 million of the City budget is spent, while also providing a valuable opportunity for civic engagement. Thanks to the thousands of you who joined me in voting, more money is being spent on new trees, upgrades for technology in schools and libraries, and additional countdown clocks at bus stops. 

This fall, I am hosting Neighborhood Assemblies throughout our district to hear more ideas for next year’s ballot:

Mobile District Office Hours
Sit down with representatives from my office to talk about the issues in the district you care about, and work toward solutions. This is a great opportunity to meet in-person with our constituent services team and get to know my office a bit better.

Yorkville Library, 222 East 79th Street
Third Thursday of Every Month
12:00 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.

Stuyvesant Town Community Center, 449 East 14th Street
Last Thursday of Every Month
12:00 P.M. – 2:00 P.M.

Disability Rent Increase Exemption (DRIE) Clinics at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, sponsored by Council Member Powers
Thursday, October 17, 10:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.
331 East 70th Street
For an appointment or information, contact us at DRIE@lenoxhill.org or 212-218-0503, option 0

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In The News: Highlights

September 24, Bipartisan NYC Council duo wants to reform ‘byzantine’ special elections, Daily News
The city would do away with its “byzantine” and costly system for holding special elections under forthcoming legislation from two councilmen Manhattan Dem Keith Powers and Queens Republican Eric Ulrich.

August 9, New Yorkers are trying to cancel their Equinox memberships over Trump. A city councilman wants to make that easier. , CNN
In light of Equinox gym members looking to cancel their memberships over the chain’s owner fundraising for President Donald Trump, a New York City council member wants to make it easier to cancel gym memberships.

July 14, The 2019 Manhattan Power 100, City & State
First-term New York City Councilman Keith Powers has generated as much buzz as some of his colleagues by being involved in some of this year’s hottest topics, including Rikers Island, affordable housing, restricting car traffic on 14th Street and a contested proposal to limit brokers’ fees that are charged to tenants.

July 1, Supporters Rally To Make 14th Street Open To Buses Only, CBS
City transit advocates are up in arms Monday after a judge put a stop to a big part of the 14th Street busway plan. New York City’s Department of Transportation wanted to restrict traffic on 14th Street – only allowing buses – while repairs continue on the L train’s Canarsie Tunnel.

June 21, Council Hears 3 Campaign Finance Bills to Enhance Low-Dollar Impact, Limit Criminals, Curb Conflicts, Gotham Gazette
The City Council’s Committee on Governmental Operations held a hearing Wednesday to discuss three bills related to campaign finance reform. Two of the bills would prohibit candidates convicted of felony corruption or misuse of public funds from receiving public matching funds and reduce the matching funds contribution minimum from $10 to $5.

May 29, Pol Blasts Company Responsible for Fixes on Subway’s Worst Escalator, THE CITY
The subway system’s lousiest escalator should be on track for a replacement, said a Manhattan City Council member who decried “inexcusable” constant breakdowns in the city’s ninth-busiest station.

May 8, JPMorgan’s new Midtown East HQ approved by City Council, Curbed
The City Council approved JP Morgan Chase’s plans Wednesday for a soaring 70-story tower to replace the Union Carbide Building in East Midtown.

April 17, ‘A New Day in New York’: City Council Passes Sweeping Climate Bill, Common Dreams
Manhattan lawmakers today took a major step in criminal justice reform, passing legislation aimed at changing bail payments.

April 9, Powers’ Bill Passes Council, Eliminates Bail Payment Fees, New York County Politics
Manhattan lawmakers today took a major step in criminal justice reform, passing legislation aimed at changing bail payments.

March 26, JPMorgan Agrees to Fund Transit Upgrades Near Its New Manhattan Headquarters, Bloomberg
JPMorgan Chase & Co. agreed to contribute to transit improvements near its expanding midtown Manhattan headquarters after city officials called on the company to shoulder more of the costs of its growth.

March 19, “Condo on stilts” paused, Our Town
As the city prepares to tighten restrictions on developers’ use of mechanical voids — large, empty spaces within buildings that primarily serve to inflate the height, views and market value of the floors above — a planned Upper East Side tower frequently cited by critics as among the most egregious examples of the practice is in limbo as the Department of Buildings evaluates void-related objections concerning the project.

March 17, Local officials, interfaith leaders speak out against attacks on religious communities, Pix11
Local officials and religious leaders came together across city Sunday afternoon to speak out against recent attacks on religious communities.

March 12, New York City Looks to Eliminate Hidden Bail Fees, The Appeal
New York City may soon take an important step toward reducing the burden placed on people entangled in the criminal legal system.

February 13, New City Council Proposals Would Slash Obscene Brokers’ Fees And Limit Security Deposits, Gothamist
Avoiding a broker by finding a no-fee rental has long been the holy grail of New York City apartment hunting. Now, the City Council is weighing a plan to reduce the often burdensome and upfront costs faced by renters.

February 12, New York City Legislation Would Make it Cheaper to Rent an Apartment, Wall Street Journal
Two New York City Council members will introduce a package of bills on Wednesday that aim to make renting apartments more affordable.

February 11, Parking placards, legal and not, anger many New Yorkers, Fox5
 Many drivers in New York City find themselves circling and searching for an open parking spot for a half hour or longer. Now city lawmakers want to—hopefully—free up some of those occupied spots with five bills aimed at better enforcing illegal use of government parking placard.

January 25, Waterside Plaza tenants get rent relief due to city deal, Curbed
The City Council approved a deal Thursday that brokers a new affordable housing agreement for tenants at the Waterside Plaza apartment complex.

January 24, Councilman seeks to chip away at commercial rent tax, Crain’s
More Manhattan businesses would be exempt from the commercial rent tax under a new City Council bill that aims to ease the financial burden on mom-and-pop shops.

January 8, Report: Serious Injuries To Inmates Are Vastly Under-Reported In NYC Jails, Gothamist 
The City Council has introduced a package of 18 bills that take aim at landlords who use shady tactics to empty their buildings on lower-rent paying tenants.

January 7, ‘Will this be more of the same forever?’ New Yorkers react to L train shutdown cancelation, Curbed
With the news that the L train shutdown may be effectively dead—Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced last week that the MTA could instead use a “new, innovative” design to implement repairs on the Canarsie Tunnel without closing the line as previously planned—many questions have arisen: Will this actually end up happening?

December 28, City Council bill blitz takes aim at lying landlords, Town & Village
The City Council has introduced a package of 18 bills that take aim at landlords who use shady tactics to empty their buildings on lower-rent paying tenants.

December 16, Bail Flaws Leave NYC Corrections Facing Lawmaker Scrutiny, Law360
People held in jail because of fax machine trouble, or kept behind bars almost a full day after bail was posted, or waiting for family members to pay bail as they’re ignored by those manning the payment window.

December 5, Track the 18 Tenant Protection Bills Now Before the City Council, City Limits
The City Council announced last week at City Hall the introduction of 18 pieces of legislation that focus on tenant protections, many of which were first proposed months earlier.

November 29, The City Needs to Do More to Support Our Burgeoning Tourism Industry, Crain’s
When the holiday season arrives, New York City will be greeted with an influx of visitors. More cabs will be taken, more subway seats filled and more sidewalks crowded. Not to mention a bit more cheer.

November 28, Trump Tower Bus Stop to Return, Our Town
“We have to balance the security needs of the city with the ability of people to get around and use their neighborhood … the situation has improved since November 2016 and this is another example of it continuing to improve.”

November 20, NY Can Learn From Other States In Bail Reform PushLaw360
New York lawmakers are poised to revamp the state’s bail system in 2019, and while the circumstances are ripe for ending the state’s cash-based system, eliminating unnecessary incarcerations will require examining where other reform-minded states may have gone wrong, according to a recent panel of experts and activists.

November 19, City Lawmakers Probe Why Inmates Miss Thousands of Medical Appointments Each MonthDaily News
City lawmakers want to know why inmates miss thousands of medical appointments each month. Inmates didn’t get to 12,105 scheduled doctor and nurse visits in September, according to a report by the city’s Board of Correction. That’s 25% of all the appointments set for that month, the latest publicly available.

November 1, New York City Council passes bill to allow candidates to use campaign donations to pay for childcare,
Daily News

“We have I think a great responsibility in this city to make sure that anybody that wants to run for office has the opportunity to do so,” Councilman Keith Powers (D-Manhattan), who sponsored the bill, said.


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