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District 29

Karen Koslowitz

Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill

Winning Projects:

Bathroom Renovations

Fully renovate an aging bathroom at the listed schools.


P.S. 220, P.S. 101, P.S. 54, P.S.139, P.S.206

Votes: 1,878

New Water Fountains & Water Bottle Fill Stations

Replace aging water fountains equipped with water bottle fill stations.


Forest Hills High School, P.S. 144, P.S. 196

Votes: 1,883

Bus Countdown Clocks

Fund the placement of 10 electronic bus countdown clocks. Priority for the Q60, Q64 and Q23 lines.


Locations to be Determined by the DOT

Votes: 1,632

The following projects were not funded:

Arts Culture and Community Facilities
ADA Accessible Doors at Richmond Hill Library

Push activated doors so that people with disabilities can freely access the library.


Richmond Hill Library

Votes: 1,264

Auditorium Upgrades

Upgrade either the auditorium’s lighting, audio visual system, or curtains. Specific upgrade will depend on schools.


P.S. 174, P.S. 139, P.S. 99, P.S. 175, P.S. 206, P.S. 220

Votes: 1,716

New Gym Lockers

Replace select aging gym lockers at the listed schools.


J.H.S. 157 and J.H.S. 190

Votes: 1,615

Parks & Recreation
Adult Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment to promote publicly accessible way to maintain health and fitness.


Russell Sage Playground (J.H.S. 190)

Votes: 1,425

Parks & Recreation
Circuit Training Work Out Stations

Multiple individual workout stations to allow the community to exercise in a unique way.


Forest Park, Kew Gardens

Votes: 1,004