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District 29

Karen Koslowitz

Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill

Winning Projects:

Bathroom Renovations

Fully renovate select bathrooms at each of these schools.

PS 139, 220, 99, 206,174, 144


Votes: 1,285

Technology Upgrade

Technology upgrades for the following schools P.S. 139, P.S. 220, P.S. 175, P.S. 196, P.S. 206, P.S. 99, J.H.S. 157, J.H.S. 190 and Forest Hills High School.


Votes: 1,617

ArtsCulture & CommunityFunded
Technology Upgrades for Libraries

Updating the technology at the four libraries: Rego Park, Forest Hills, North Forest Hills, Richmond Hill.

District 29 Libraries


Votes: 1,322

The following projects were not funded:

Pedestrian Safety Curb Extension

The curb extension will make it safer for pedestrians to cross the street by limiting the crossing distance.

Southeast corner of 67th Avenue and 102nd Street


Votes: 719

Bus Countdown Clocks

Countdown clocks at select bus stations will inform riders how far away the next bus is. There will be 15 clocks in total.

Q10, Q64, Q23, Q60


Votes: 915

Parks & Recreation
Circuit Training Stations

Circuit training stations will create an easy and fun way for people to exercise in the park.

Forest Park- near Forest Park Drive


Votes: 391

Parks & Recreation
Forest Park Renovations

Resurfacing certain existing pathways in Forest park that are badly eroded. Adding bike racks and trash bin holders.

Forest Park (select trails)


Votes: 1,067

Parks & Recreation
Adult Exercise Equipment for Yellowstone Park

The fitness equipment will create an enjoyable way for people to exercise outdoors.

68th Road and Yellowstone Boulevard


Votes: 536

Auditorium Upgrades

Upgrade AV systems or acoustics in these schools.

PS 101, 174, 220, 139, JHS 157


Votes: 1,149

Library Upgrade at P.S. 220, P.S. 206, P.S. 54

Upgrades for Libraries/Media Centers

P.S. 220, P.S. 206, P.S. 54


Votes: 639

ArtsCulture & Community
ADA Entrance Doors

Install ADA compliant doors at the entrance of four branches: Rego Punk, Forest Hills, Richmond Hill, North Forest Park

District 29 Libraries


Votes: 667