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District 29

Karen Koslowitz

Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill

Winning Projects:

Arts, Culture & CommunityFunded
Outdoor Reading Room

Votes: 772 | Cost: $275,000

Forest Hills Library
Utilize outdoor space for a reading room and renovate the meeting room in the library. This would add reading space in a natural environment that will encourage returning visits and customer usage.

Proper Pupil Potties

Votes: 869 | Cost: $350,000

P.S. 144, P.S. 174, and P.S. 101
The complete renovation of select bathrooms at three public schools which are a persistent problem. This will reduce the amount of time and money used to maintain the aging bathrooms.

A Safer Intersection at 71st Ave and Austin St

Votes: 928 | Cost: $400,000

71st Avenue and Austin Street
Installing a single curb extension at the Northeast corner of 71st Avenue and Austin Street. This would help calm traffic along both streets and improve safety for pedestrians on those streets.

The following projects were not funded:

Lights, Camera, Action

Votes: 597 | Cost: $300,000

P.S. 139, P.S. 174, P.S. 175, and J.H.S. 157
Audio Video upgrades for each auditorium in four public schools. The audio video systems are old and broken. This project will address the out dated technology in the auditoriums within our schools.

More Cool at School

Votes: 714 | Cost: $800,000

P.S. 196Q, J.H.S. 157, and P.S. 174
This project will fund wiring to install air conditioning systems in common areas like cafeterias and auditoriums. Large sections of these schools cannot be used comfortably during spring and summer.

Power Up

Votes: 601 | Cost: $550,000

P.S. 99, P.S. 139, and J.H.S. 157
Providing new computers for three schools that have outdated desktops and not enough laptops to service the students. Having new computers will educate and enhance the student’s abilities.

Parks & Recreation
Adult Workout Stations in Russell Sage Playground

Votes: 458 | Cost: $250,000

Booth St. Btwn 68 Ave. & 68 Dr.
Installing fitness equipment that can be utilized by individuals or small groups. The equipment will be placed at easily accessible areas, making it hassle free to exercise.

Bus Pads

Votes: 290 | Cost: $520,000

Locations to be Verified by DOT.
Bus Pads are the concrete pavement at bus stops. New bus pads will promote safety & accessibility for a variety of bus riders at the Q23 stops at Queens Blvd and 71st Avenue.

Bus Trackers

Votes: 646 | Cost: $160,000

Q60, Q64, Q23, and Q46 (District- wide)
This project will implement electronic countdown clocks indicating when the next bus will arrive at multiple bus stops in the district.