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District 29

Karen Koslowitz

Rego Park, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, Richmond Hill

Winning Projects:

On the Go! Real-Time Subway Information

Receive a real-time subway status information, a countdown for the nest scheduled train, station service advisories and much more.

71st Avenue/Kew gardens/63rd Drive, District Wide


Votes: 676

Public SafetyFunded
Security Cameras

Install 10 new ARGUS cameras to monitor crimes, making the neighborhood a safer place.

District Wide


Votes: 698

Staying Cool in School

The funds for this project will be allocated towards electrical upgrades so that air condition systems an be placed in common spaces (such as cafeterias and libraries) in our schools.

P.S. 139, P.S. 175, P.S. 99


Votes: 591

The following projects were not funded:

Wayfinder Signs on Queens Boulevard

The Wayfinder signs will be placed on the busy areas of Queens Boulevard. These signs will inform pedestrians of where they are and what is nearby.

Queens Boulevard


Votes: 274


Bus Trackers

This project will install electronic signs along eight of the major stops for the Q60 and Q23 bus routes that will tell riders when the next bus is arriving in real time.

District Wide


Votes: 441

A Safer Intersection- Queens & Junction

Install a 444 square foot curb extension on the eastern corner of Junction Boulevard, narrowing the intersection and creating a 90 degree turn from Queens Boulevard on to Junction Boulevard to improve Safety.


Votes: 468

Parks & Recreation
Adult Workout Station in MacDonald Park

Install fitness equipment that can be utilized by individuals or small groups. The equipment will be placed at easily accessible areas of the park making it hassle free to exercise.


Votes: 389

Parks & Recreation
ADA Enhancements for Playgrounds

Install ADA equipment at Ehrenreich-Austin Playground and Horace Harding Playground so that disabled children can have more play options.


Votes: 426

Parks & Recreation
Willow Lake Trail Restoration

This project would allocate $300,000 toward the overall cost of the walking path restoration.


Votes: 503

Broadway-Bound Schools

This project would help fund auditorium renovations at 8 schools in our district that are desperate for upgrades. These upgrades would specifically include audio-visual upgrades and new stage lights.

District Wide


Votes: 471

Installing the Knowledge of Students

This project will fund the implementation of full equipped science labs in two of our schools that currently have no formal science lab.

P.S. 220 and J.H.S. 157


Votes: 577

ArtsCulture & Community
North Forest Park Library Renovation

This is a small library that has not seen any major renovations since it was originally built. This renovation will go towards the upfates that the library deserves.


Votes: 365

Arts Culture and Community Facilities
ADA Doors at District Libraries

This project will install automatic doors at North Forest Park, Rego Park, Forest Hills and Richmond Hill Libraries making the libraries more accessible to the elderly and the disabled.


Votes: 311