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District 45

Jumaane D. Williams

Flatbush, East Flatbush, Flatlands, Midwood, Canarsie

Winning Projects:

Computers for Job Readiness and Placement

This job readiness and job placement program will help reduce unemployment and underemployment in the 45th District for 20 neighbors at a time via these desktop computers.

1401 Flatbush Avenue, Suite 203


Votes: 481

Arts Culture and Community FacilitiesFunded
Technology & Media Space- Rugby Library

Technology space to be incorporated into the schematic of the youth section of the branch renovation plan. Includes computers, printer/3D printer and wiring for technology.

1000 Utica Avenue, District Wide


Votes: 453

Safe Neighborhood Streets

There is a safety concern on East 59th Street and Glenwood Road in the form of a damaged sidewalk. Help us to protect the humans and animals who travel down that street.

59th Street near Glenwood Road, Street near Glenwood Housing


Votes: 457

Smart Boards for Smart Children

Install smart boards to the Kurt Hahn School in Tilden High School Campus to decrease the digital divide for 338 students and increase their chances for success.

5800 Tilden Avenue


Votes: 321

A Room With a View

Improve experience for 534 youth and adults. Replace 50 year old seats, which are in poor condition, add seating for disabled and people in wheelchairs and replace curtain on the stage and windows.

4801 Avenue D


Votes: 654

Improve Our Restrooms

Repair 4 adult and 4 youth bathrooms. Repair these 8 spaces and move the radiators in the 4 youth bathrooms to make them less accessible to children. This will increase the safety of 468 children.

4801 Avenue D


Votes: 648

Tech Upgrade- I.S. 285

Installing computers will address the lack of access to innovative learning resources at I.S. 285. Computers will be accessible to all students and benefit their learning experience.

5909 Beverly Road


Votes: 362

The following projects were not funded:

Upgrade My Workout

Upgrade the gym at Tilden High School Campus. Improve the gym that is used by 1,000 plus students and the staff that support them.

5800 Tilden Avenue, Tilden High School Campus


Votes: 233

Can You Hear Me Now?- Part 1

Improve safety for over 1,000 students in Tilden High School Campus by repairing the P.A. system in the school. Currently they have to share emergency information one room at a time.

5800 Tilden Avenue, Tilden High School Campus


Votes: 261