“Today, like far too families have done over the last few years, we saw the President of the United States shed tears over the loss of lives at the hands of a gun. I commend the President for taking action to reduce the supply of illegal guns throughout our country. It is clear the president has a difficult task and is working against a Republican congress owned by the NRA; still, he must move even further.
In addition, as Co-Chair of the City Council’s Task Force to Combat Gun Violence, and as Convener of the National Network to Combat Gun Violence, I know there are immediate steps we can take at all levels of government to actually address the demand for guns and violence.
The city can – and must – continue and increase their efforts to tackle the conditions that lead to violence. Our young people need access to jobs and we need increased funding for programs, such as the Crisis Management System, proven effective at combating violence and creating safer, supportive communities.
We have a responsibility to confront gun violence and take meaningful and immediate action, our city and our families depend on it.”