“Today is a victory for the tenants of New York. When you’re allowed to get a fair assessment, these are the kind of results that you get. For decades the Board has been skipping over the question whether or not we have an increase before they get to the question of how much. They finally decided to look at the entire system, which includes tenants, not just the owners. This is not about denying those in business from making money. This is about pushing back, to a degree, the idea of making as much money as possible off of the backs of people who really can’t afford it.


“This goes to show how far power and greed will go to maintain itself. For nearly five decades landlords have gotten their way, then used their access to money to go to court after one taste of how tenants have felt for so long. Thankfully they have now helped set a great legal precedent. It’s a good ruling and we continue moving forward.”