“I commend the Administration on exceeding their goals for creating and preserving affordable housing in New York. This is welcomed the news and I applaud the Mayor for making this important issue a priority.
“While this is welcomed the news, I also keep in mind that many believed the original plan was not aggressive enough in matching the need for income-targeted housing that exists in this City.
“We must also ensure that there is an even dispersion of newly-created affordable units across the City. As we push forward to combat the homelessness and overcrowding crisis, we must prevent and reform policies and practices that undermine efforts to create quality inexpensive housing options for New Yorkers. This includes breaking up our segregated city by ensuring efforts to preserve and expand affordable housing are not concentrated in only select areas of the City.
“I look forward to working with the Administration in ensuring that New York is an affordable place to live for all of its residents.”