“The City’s record low crime rate is worth applauding. Even more encouraging is Mayor De Blasio discussing the rethinking of how we address crime and public safety. That included acknowledging partners like the Cure Violence and community organizations that make up the City’s Crisis Management System.
“Today’s press conference was a stark contrast to just four years ago where the former administration touted the ‘success’ of Stop, Question and Frisk (SQF) in dealing with crime in the City. My visceral and impromptu reaction then was —  ‘That’s not true! That’s wrong!’  Today the mention of SQF, more specifically the abuses of it, was only in the context of how wrong the approach was. The mistaken notion that the City could not drop the number of stops and still keep the City safe is clearly false. SQF’s are down 93%, and at the same time crime fell 4.1%.  Gun arrests are up, and shootings are at an all-time low. This becomes increasingly important as we have a President that wishes to take us backward.
“We must commend the department and police force for their work and obvious role. We must also pay tribute to community groups like the Crisis Management Systems who have been on the ground every day and on the front lines, fighting a war against gun violence in New York City’s streets. Kudos to the Mayor for doing so today.
“I also commend the Mayor for reminding us that statistics and trends do not comfort those who have lost a loved one to gun violence. Every number has a face, a name, and a family trying to recover.
“We should take to celebrate but should not rest on our success. We must concretize our efforts and continue to move the conversation. That includes funding youth jobs for our young people and moving legislation currently stalled in the City Council. Doing so strengthens our ability to push back on historic harmful knee-jerk reactions to the ebbs and flows of crime statistics, focusing on what we know really works in the long-term.”