“It is one thing to talk about the battle that may be impending with the Trump Administration, it is another to prepare for it with tools and resources. As chair of the Committee on Housing and Buildings, I commend the Mayor on the announcement made today. It moves our city dramatically forward in helping keep New Yorkers in their homes.” “The lack of preservation of affordable units and insufficient investment in low-income construction are prime drivers of our record homelessness. Today, with the historic Right to Counsel being funded, and the addition of 10,000 units being steered to low and extremely-low income, we will help push back on flippant evictions and take a big step toward providing units of housing for those who need it most. No longer will low-income New Yorkers have to face the prospect of showing up to court with inadequate legal representation, just because of a financial burden. And as I and many others have argued for, deeper affordability has taken up more space in the Mayor’s housing plan. In addition to thanking the Mayor, kudos on the leadership of my colleagues, Council Member Mark Levine, who championed the Right to Counsel bill, and Council Member Vanessa Gibson, the co-sponsor. Today is a historic day for housing in this City. Let’s keep the fight going.”