“My staff and I have followed up on as many of the rumors as we can. We have spoken to owners of the commuter van lines, as well as the management at Bobby’s Department Store, and have confirmed that at this time there have not been general indiscriminate stops made by ICE agents over the past few days. There has, however, been incidents of people posing as immigration officials in efforts to scam people for money. In addition, we remain in touch with the Mayor’s office.

“The best thing an understandably concerned community can do is be armed with accurate information. To that end, we ask everyone to make an effort to substantiate information before spreading rumors. Unfortunately, the immigrant community has reason to be worried and should stay vigilant. My office recommends: first if you hear info about ICE activity please continue to forward them to us.

Second, if you should see the activity you suspect are ICE actions, please send any concrete information that can SAFELY and without interference be obtained, to You should also call your local precinct as they may be ICE impersonators looking to scam unsuspecting people.

“The NYPD is not currently working with immigration officials, and as the policy does not randomly ask people about their immigration status.

“Concerns about immigration checkpoints and raids, whether rumors or not, is evidence of the mass hysteria that has taken hold of communities across the country because of Trump. This administration from day one has done everything in its power to marginalize people, create a culture of fear, and divide Americans. The President’s erratic behavior only makes it more difficult for our communities, as evidenced by his recent announcement about the possibility of deploying 100,000 National Guard troops for immigrant roundups.

“In the coming days and weeks, my office will attempt to keep the district updated with fresh information. Please stay updated by following me on Twitter @jumaanewilliams, Instagram @williamsjumaane, and Facebook @jumaane.williamscouncil.

“I stand with my New York City colleagues in government in standing against Trump on actions against our immigrant brothers and sisters. Please stay informed and vigilant.”