” I am proud to represent a diverse NYC district that includes a substantial Orthodox Jewish community. I along with many are very concerned about the wave of antisemitic threats in recent weeks, including today, at the JCC of Staten Island.  The threats against the Jewish community, irrespective of real or hoax status, is troubling to a community understandably already concerned.

“Although anti-Semitism has existed for generations, we must never allow ourselves to become desensitized to it. While we, unfortunately, have witnessed these types of attacks before, it is irrefutable that antisemitic and bigoted rhetoric, threats and attacks have increased since the election of this president. We must be honest about the results of the atmosphere this administration is creating. We must also not wait until it is ‘us’ or ‘our group’ before we speak.

“We must continue to stand up vehemently against every bigoted threat to any group. We are NYC, we are America.”