District 21

Julissa Ferreras-Copeland

East Elmhurst, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, and Corona in Queens, including Flushing Meadows Corona Park, Lefrak City and LaGuardia Airport

Winning Projects:

P.S. 307Q Pioneer Academy Smart Boards

This project is a request to purchase 31 new smart boards for P.S. 307Q. Many of the school’s existing smart boards are broken.

40-20 100th Street (Corona)


Votes: 855

Public SafetyFunded
Community Police Cameras

Community police cameras will help provide a sense of safety while helping to monitor the community and any potential crimes.

50-04 102nd Street (Corona)


Votes: 363

Parks & RecreationFunded
More Trees & Green Areas in LeFrak City

This project will add more trees and greenery for residents to enjoy, and be able to learn and appreciate nature. The area is located on 57th Street between Junction Boulevard and 99th Street.

59-17 Junction Boulevard (LeFrak City)


Votes: 312

Parks & RecreationFunded
New Lighting at East Elmhurst Playground

This community playground will receive updated lighting, allowing for a safer playing experience for children.

98-18 25th Avenue (East Elmhurst)


Votes: 309

Parks & RecreationFunded
Better Lighting at Junction Playground

Increased lighting at Junction Playground will make this playground a safer place for children to play and enjoy. This upgrade would decrease dark areas plagued by poor lighting.

Corona Avenue and 34th Avenue (Corona)


Votes: 362

The following projects were not funded:

Parks & Recreation
Tall Fencing to Protect Grand Central

Foul balls from games land directly onto the highway because the fence is only 8 feet tall. A taller fence would prevent the potential for a terrible accident if a ball was to hit a passing car.

Baseball Field 10 (Corona)


Votes: 283

Parks & Recreation
Greenery & Trees Along 57th Avenue

This project would add multiple trees and bushes along 57th Avenue between Junction Boulevard and 99th Street in Corona. This building-heavy area would benefit from fresh trees.

57th Avenue (LeFrak City,Corona)



Astoria Boulevard Landscape Upgrade

The Astoria Boulevard landscape upgrade will provide a fresh look to the Astoria Boulevard traffic malls. The upgrades will be placed on Astoria Boulevard between 94th Street and 108th Street.

Astoria Boulevard (East Elmhurst)


Upgraded Lighting Along Roosevelt Avenue

Better lighting along Roosevelt Avenue, between 114th Street and 90th Street, to help increase community safety and visibility. Increased lighting would help promote a safer community.

Roosevelt Avenue (Corona)