District 51

Joseph C. Borelli

Annadale, Arden Heights, Bay Terrace, Charleston, Eltingville, Great Kills, Greenridge, Heartland Village, Huguenot, New Springville, Pleasant Plains, Prince’s Bay, Richmond Valley, Rossville, Tottenville, Woodrow

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Borelli Calls for Smart-Roads Digital Notification Pilot Program for New York City

Council Member Joseph Borelli (R – South Shore), Chair of the New York City Council’s Committee on Fire & Emergency Management, is exploring options for piloting this technology in New York City in order to study its effectiveness in reducing accidents involving first responder vehicles, decreasing response times to emergencies, and reducing gridlock when there is a vehicle collision or traffic incident. READ MORE

Borelli Calls for New York City Council Education Committee to Hold Hearing on Persistently Unsanitary School Cafeterias

Council Member Joe Borelli (R-South Shore) is calling on the New York City Council’s Education Committee to hold a hearing at their earliest possible convenience to discuss chronic health violations in public school cafeterias and provide recommendations regarding corrective actions that may be taken to ensure that our youngest constituents are not being put in any danger by consuming food prepared in public school cafeterias. READ MORE

Council Member Borelli Named Chair of New York City Council’s Fire & Emergency Management Committee

Council Member Joseph Borelli (R-South Shore) has been named chairman of the newly-created Fire & Emergency Management Committee of the New York City Council by Speaker Corey Johnson. The Fire & Emergency Services Committee will take over some of the duties of the former Fire and Criminal Justice Committee. It will be responsible for legislation and oversight of the New York City Fire Department, EMS, emergency management, and paramedic services in New York City. READ MORE

NY Daily News Op-Ed: ‘Right to Know’ Will Handcuff Our Cops

NY Daily News Op-Ed | By Council Members Joseph Borelli, Chaim Duetsch, and Paul Vallone

New York City police officers have a difficult and dangerous job. We should all be grateful for the sacrifices they make each day — which is why we strongly oppose two pieces of pending City Council legislation, together known as the “Right to Know Act.”

The “Right to Know Act” may sound innocuous, but these piecesof legislation set a dangerous precedent for public safety and endanger not only police officers, but regular New Yorkers as well. READ MORE

Borelli, Mayor Announce Restrooms for Seaside Wildlife Nature Park

Council Member Joseph C. Borelli (R-South Shore) raised the issue with Mayor Bill de Blasio after hearing complaints from hundreds of parents regarding the lack of restroom facilities at Seaside Wildlife Nature Park, also known as Pirate Park, in Great Kills, and was successful in securing a commitment of $6 million to fund the construction of one. READ MORE

Borelli Pushes Legislation to Require NYC Public Television to Air Borough-wide and City-wide General Election Debates

Council Member Joseph C. Borelli (R – South Shore) is drafting and advocating for legislation that would require New York City’s public television station, channel 25 on most provider networks, to air the full debates in addition to whichever commercial television station is sponsoring them.

This initiative was prompted by the limited distribution of the mayoral debate on 10/10/17 which aired on Spectrum News, a privately owned television station with a notoriously high subscription cost and limited distribution throughout New York City. READ MORE

Borelli Statement on Statue Commission Meeting in Secret

“I’ve just been told that the de Blasio Statue Commission is meeting in secret and without any press or public oversight. It’s absurd to think that a man who lived 500 years ago during the Spanish Inquisition is now on secret trial, probably in the basement of some municipal building, without any representation. This would be a lot funnier if it weren’t true,” READ MORE

Borelli, Other Elected Officials Call on AG Schneiderman to Weigh-in on Perth Amboy Closing Local Roads to NYS Drivers During Peak Traffic

In a letter to New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, Council Member Joseph C. Borelli (R – South Shore), Congress Member Dan Donovan (R – SI, Brooklyn), Minority Leader Steven Matteo (R – Mid Island), Borough President James Oddo (R – Staten Island), and Assembly Member Ron Castorina (R – South Shore) expressed their concern about the behavior of officials in the town of Perth Amboy, NJ regarding the exclusion of New York State motorists from local roads during peak traffic. READ MORE

Borelli Asks DCAS and FDNY to Extend Life of Current List, Make Listing Practice Fairer

Council Member Joseph Borelli (R – South Shore) is calling on the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) to extend the life of the list of individuals who are waiting to enter the next class of the FDNY academy. Currently, in an effort to break test score ties, list numbers are assigned based on an individual’s written exam score and the fifth number of their social security number. READ MORE

Borelli to Work with FDNY to Ensure Military Veterans Are Aware of Existing Civil Service Application-fee Waivers

Council Member Joseph Borelli (R-South Shore) has asked the New York City Fire Department (FDNY) to ensure that the waiver for US service members and veterans, which exists since it was implemented at the insistence of former New York City Council Minority Leader Vincent Ignizio several years ago, be appropriately conveyed to potential applicants and visible on the website application pages for both the FDNY and the Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS). READ MORE