Council Member Joseph Borelli (R-South Shore) intervened to move forward a sewer expansion project after long term and persistent flooding at this location has expanded and adversely affected the surrounding residential developments and overwhelmed their ability to manage rainwater and storm runoff.

Borelli’s office and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYC DEP) recently met with local residents to discuss concerns about the chronic flooding condition at the underpass at the intersection of Amboy Road and South Railroad Avenue in Bay Terrace. Following the meeting, Borelli’s office and the NYC DEP were able to tie in a sewer expansion project aimed at mitigating flooding in that location with an existing capital project (SER200151) in the area, pushing up the completion date to late 2019.

“Everyone who lives in the area is aware of this notorious location and has to plan to avoid the underpass when it rains. Worse still, residents of the adjacent housing development experience flooding and water in their basements during hard rains because the existing sewers on Amboy Road are antiquated and too small to accommodate the current volume of rain and runoff. I really need to thank Assistant Commissioner Mario Bruno and Commissioner Vincent Sapienza of the Department of Environmental Protection, who collaborated with my office and local residents to find a practical solution to this problem and seeing it through,” said Borelli.