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District 26

Jimmy Van Bramer

Sunnyside, Woodside, Long Island City, Astoria, Dutch Kills

Winning Projects:

Bus-Time Countdown Clocks

This addresses the need to provide groups that cannot rely on or utilize the subway system with in-time bus information.

Throughout District 26


Community Center Bathroom Upgrades

Renovate bathrooms, which are currently in state of complete disrepair. Includes energy saving improvements.

Ravenswood Houses (LIC / Astoria)


P.S. 112Q Bathroom Renovations

Repairs, upgrades and efficiency enhancements to 4 bathrooms.

P.S. 112Q


P.S. 150Q Hydroponics Science Lab

STEM classroom where 1000+ students will grow food, learn hands-on about nutrition, land use and sustainability.

P.S. 150Q


Technology Updates for Schools

Laptop carts, computers, projectors and interactive boards for PS 166Q, PS 112Q, PS 150Q & Academy of American Studies

P.S. 112Q, P.S. 150Q, P.S. 166Q and AAS


Arts Culture and Community FacilitiesFunded
Technology Upgrades for 5 Libraries

Each of the 5 libraries will receive $90,000 for technology upgrades.

Woodside, Broadway, LIC, Sunnyside, Court Sq.


The following projects were not funded:

Parks and Recreation
Add Green Space to Lou Lodati Park

Add green space to certain areas in Lou Lodati Park including turf in the baseball and volleyball fields.

Lou Lodati Park (Sunnyside)


Parks and Recreation
Renovate Sixteen Oaks Grove

Renovate Sixteen Oaks Grove by adding trees, plants and benches. Urban green space benefits people and communities.

Sixteen Oaks Grove Park (Long Island City)


Beautification in Queensbridge

Comprehensive project including improved benches, signs, outdoor space, benches and permanent flower pots.

Queensbridge Houses (LIC)


Lighting and Beautification in Woodside

Improve lighting near the Community Center, install benches & install better fencing around existing garden area.

Woodside Houses (Woodside)


Garden Beautification in Ravenswood

Create new raised garden area near Community Center & make beautification improvements to adjacent outdoor seating area.

Ravenswood Houses (LIC / Astoria)


Accessibility Improvements

Enhance disabled access to veterans service center by installing a sliding front glass door.

Borden Avenue Veterans Residence (LIC)


AAS/Newcomers H.S. Auditorium Upgrade

Upgrade stage lighting to replace broken lights to create a better learning environment for both schools’ students.

Academy of American Studies & Newcomers H.S.